Utah Taste Off

***Utah Taste Off is no longer offering kits as of early 2022. We are sad to see them go!

We are excited about the unique Utah adventure called Utah Taste Off. It is an at-home adventure, which is perfect for social distancing. It is also a great date night or family activity. Here is how Utah Taste Off works.

Utah Taste Off is a great date night idea!


Each week, Utah Taste Off gathers different types of food from the best local businesses in Utah. Then they offer the goodies as a kit that you can purchase for a taste test. There have been kits with sugar cookies, donuts, popcorn, curry, soup, and many, many more. The kit has two of everything so that you can divide it up between two (or more) people. We like to watch for our favorites, usually donuts and other sugary things, and then order a kit.

We cut these cookies into smaller pieces so our whole family could participate. There are twice this many cookies in one kit.

Pick Up

The next step is to pick up the kit at your county location. Currently, kits are only offered in Davis, Salt Lake, and Utah county, so you will need to pick one of those locations. They have a little tent set-up where you drive up, give them your confirmation number, pick up your kit, and head home. You never have to leave your car. Utah Taste Off just added delivery for an extra charge in those counties, too.

The drive-thru pick up is easy-peasy.


The kit comes with everything that you need. The food, which is obviously most important, place mats labeling where to set each item, score sheets to rate each treat, and even pens to take notes.

The kits come with everything you need for the taste test.

Finally, you host your Utah Taste Off. Everyone tastes the items and uses the score sheet to grade the food. You can make notes and discuss your thoughts. We have done this with pies and sugar cookies and it was so fun. Our kids loved sharing their opinions about each of the items. It was delicious, too! Even though the kit is for two, we had no problems sharing our treats five ways.

Tasting is the best part
We like to take small bites so we can compare multiple times.


The last step is to cast your vote. There is a QR code on the score sheet for you to scan and vote for your favorite food item. The winners are announced at the end of the weekend after all of the counties have had their chance to vote! We love seeing who the winner is.

Another great thing about the Utah Taste Off is everything is purchased from small businesses right here in our state. So you are helping support local businesses while having a super fun family adventure (or date night) at home.

What kit do you want to try?

If you’d like to keep up with what Utah Taste Off is offering, get on their email list or follow them on social media. Kits are currently $45 for two of everything in the taste off (2021 price). For other fun date night ideas, check our our Utah Date Night Ideas post.

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