Eagle Mountain Splash Pad

Here’s a photo of the splash pad as you pull up.

My sister lives about 2 minutes from the Eagle Mountain Splash Pad, but we had never been until today. It is located in the northwest corner of Nolan Park in Eagle Mountain. My boys loved it! There are dumping cups, two shower sprayers, and lots of fountain sprays that randomly shoot. I noticed young kids and big kids enjoying this splash pad. The smaller children hung out on the edge by the small fountains while the older kids hung out by the dumping cups. We stayed about an hour, but we mostly left because I was hot. The one downfall is there is no shade for parents. Many moms had umbrellas or shade tents, so plan accordingly if you go. This is a great activity for a hot afternoon.

FYI: If the water turns off, wave your hand over the green post to turn it back on. It shuts off
automatically every once and awhile.

The dumping cups in the background take turns
and then go all at once. We like the surprise!


My boys love the different shower sprays.


Even our one year can just walk around and not get too wet.



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