Cross E Ranch Fall Festival

Cross E Ranch is a local farm in Salt Lake City, and they host some fun events each year and invite everyone to their farm. In the Spring they hold Baby Animal Days, and in the Fall, you can visit their Sunflower Festival or the Cross E Ranch Fall Festival through the month of October.


There are a lot of fun activities at the Cross E Ranch Fall Festival. My boys run from place to place doing all of the different games and activities. There is a zipline, slides, archery, corn pits, jumping pads, rock climbing, and more. We really like the new obstacle course area. It has bridges to climb, tires to run over, and lots of rope obstacles, too. The have a separate toddler area for kids ages 4 and under to keep them safe from those big kids!

The obstacle area is super popular.
Our youngest was determined to complete all of the obstacles.
The roller pipes are super fun!
There are two jumping pads.
There are two huge slides and two bumpy slides!
The corn pits are covered and out of the sun, which is awesome.

There are also lots of farm type activities, too. You can visit all the farm animals. There are goats, bunnies, sheep, and pigs. We had fun looking at and petting all of the animals. Bring a few quarters to buy food because our kids love feeding the animals, too. There is also a hayride that takes you out around the farm where you can see the cows that they raise, and they tell the history of the farm and how their farm is run. And make sure your little ones take a ride in the tractor barrel ride.

The donkeys were so adorable.
We went on a really fun hayride where we learned all about Cross E Ranch.
Even big kids can enjoy the little barrel ride.

If you are at Cross E Ranch Fall Festival at the right time, you might catch a pig race. We highly recommend it if you can. It is a fun event where pigs race around a track. The emcee tells jokes and everyone cheers for the cute little piggies. It is a blast!

The pigs were so cute racing.
Most of the pigs stopped to look for things. It was so funny!

Corn Maze

The corn maze is definitely one of the best parts of the Cross E Ranch Fall Festival. There are three levels of difficulty:

1) one mega maze where teenagers and families can get lost forever!

2) a middle sized area for families or older kids who want to find all the clues and punch your card at the checkpoints.

This map is very handy! And on the other side is a map of all the activities.
The medium maze has a punch card so you try to find all of the different markers.

3) and the small maze is perfect for little kids. In this maze you solve the mystery of who stole the farmer’s pie. They have a paper for you to take in the maze, and you come across little posts to do a rubbing of animal tracks. These tracks are the clues for the mystery. It was such a darling idea and my toddler had so much fun guessing what the animal tracks were. Then when you exit the maze, you can check your guesses. I normally hate corn mazes, but when we had a mystery to solve, it was much more fun and kept me from feeling like I was wandering around for no reason.

We had so much fun looking for the animal tracks in this corn maze.
Keep track of all of the animal tracks to discover who stole the pie!

And More!

One thing that we liked was all of the fun cutouts to take pictures in. As we walked through the farm, we stopped to take a picture in each one. We also love how friendly and helpful everyone is at Cross E Ranch.

He wanted to be the bat!

Everything is included in the admission cost for the Cross E Ranch Fall Festival (other than pumpkins and food). You do not want to miss out on one of their apple cider donuts. They are so delicious! Check out their website for current dates and prices. We loved that we were supporting a local farm. On the hayride they tell you all about the farm, and they mention that they are the last farm in SLC that is trying to make a living from running a farm. We had such a great time at Cross E Ranch Fall Festival that we definitely want to go back!!

There are quite a variety of pumpkins to purchase.


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