Cross E Ranch Baby Animal Drive Thru

This post was written in 2020 during the Covid-19 pandemic, and things are a bit different now. We are going to visit Cross E Ranch’s Baby Animal festival and redo this post. Here is the link to their website with more info.

We give Cross E Ranch’s Baby Animal Drive-Thru two thumbs up! Cross E Ranch has a baby animal drive-thru this year, and it is a real winner. For $12.99 per vehicle, you drive around the farm. There is plenty to see including lots of baby animals! Horses, goats, pigs, cows, chickens, ducks, sheep, donkeys, alpacas, and multiple kinds of rabbits are all on display.

Cross E Ranch did a great job with their Baby Animal drive thru.
These calves were just a few days old.
There were so many different baby animals.
And also some fun animals like yaks, donkeys, and llamas.

What really makes this drive great is that it comes with an audio tour. Simply tune your radio in, and as you drive past each display, you get interesting and informative commentary about every animal. Did you know Flemish giant rabbits can weigh up to 25 pounds and grow 30 inches long? Our boys really enjoyed all the facts about the farm and the animals.

The audio tour taught us so much about all the animals.
The baby goats were so small!
We learned some really interesting facts about the farm, too!

Our dad grew up on a farm, and usually we have to pester him about what all those farm machines do: the baler, the rake, and the combine. This time, Dad got a break, because it was all explained in the commentary. We learned all about the different machinery and what each tool is used for. Everything was labeled, too. So you could see the names of farm machines, and the names of the animals.

We had never seen a hay fluffer before, and we were glad the audio tour explained it.
We also liked the animal name signs. These two are named after famous actresses.

During this time of quarantine, there aren’t a lot of adventures that are available. But Cross E Ranch hits the nail on the head with this perfect driving adventure. Make sure to buy tickets online before you go, because you won’t even roll the window down to show your entry code! The only contact you have is with your family in your car.

If the weather is nice, you can drive out and see their big cows on the ranch.
There are also some huge pigs out in the fields.

A quick preview of the Cross E Ranch Baby Animal Drive Thru

Tips for Families

  • Go to the bathroom beforehand because there are none accessible at the ranch.
  • Buy tickets online at They also have a season pass if you think you want to visit more than once.
  • Make sure to tune into the audio tour. It really made the experience amazing.
  • The Cross E Ranch Baby Animal Drive Thru runs through May 2. Hours listed below:
    • Mon-Fri 12:00pm (noon)-7:30pm
    • Saturday 9:00am-7:30pm
    • Closed Sundays
    • Last car admitted at 7:00pm
  • Make sure to visit Cross E Ranch’s Fall Festival. They had an awesome corn maze and delicious donuts!

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