Cottonwood Cove Park | St. George

Just down the road from our favorite St. George Park (Thunder Junction), there is another great park for families. Cottonwood Cove Park in St. George has a really fun playground, a bike/walking trail along the river, and a large grassy area. We enjoyed this park one evening , and there were no crowds.

There are plenty of places to climb at Cottonwood Cove Park in St. George.


Cottonwood Cove Park has a great playground. It has a lot of climbing toys, which are great for older kids. There are also some unique spinning toys, as well as new toys we had never seen before. You slide back and forth on a controlled skate-board type slide. We love that the kids can enter this playground through a small arch and go straight on to a rope bridge.

The shade sails are nice in hot weather.
This entrance to the park is really fun.
Our older boys loved all the climbing and spinning toys.
This was the new toy we had never seen at a park before.

The playground area also has a climbing wall. The wall looks just like the sandstone walls of southern Utah, and kids can find different ways to climb up. There is also a toddler play area since the other playground is definitely geared toward older kids.

The kids loved this climbing wall.
There is a toddler area for young kids.

Nature Area

We enjoyed the extra amenities that Cottonwood Cove Park had to offer. There is a large covered pavilion, as well as a big grassy area that is great for tossing a Frisbee or having a picnic lunch. There is a sand volleyball court, and some fun bench swings to sit at the top and watch your kids playing down below.

There is a large grassy area where we could play.
The swings are just like the swings at Red Hills Desert Garden.

Our favorite part was the walking path/bike trail that passes by Cottonwood Cove Park. It follows right along the river, and we saw quite a few ducks, hummingbirds, and some quails as we walked the path. If you have your bikes, you can ride between this park and Thunder Junction.

We walked for just a little bit on the trail and it was a lovely walk.
We visited in the winter, so there wasn’t much water, but I bet this is nice in the Spring.

Cottonwood Cove Park in St. George is located at 1027 S Dixie Dr. This is a great playground to spend some time playing as a family.

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