View across Utah lake

Scenic Drive Around Utah Lake

One of our favorite places to go for a scenic drive is around Utah Lake. We live close to the northern shore of Utah Lake, and we love exploring the lake. Driving around the lake also gives us a chance to see a lot of birds, which we love. This route follows the edge of the lake for most of the way. Here’s how to enjoy a scenic drive around Utah Lake.

view of Utah Lake on the west side looking at the mountains.
The views across Utah Lake are beautiful.

We start at the northern edge of the lake, but you can begin at the southern end if that is closer for you. We will write specific directions down below, but we begin at North Lake Park in Lehi and follow the roads around through Saratoga Springs down to Elberta and into Genola. Then we follow the edge of the lake around to Lincoln Beach and back through Lake Shore to the freeway and back home. You can continue to follow the route by the lake all the way around to the north again, but this takes us about 2-3 hours so we usually head home.

The old Sinclair station in Elberta is beautiful.

This route follows along the edge of the lake, and we love the views of the mountains across Utah Lake. We also see pronghorn quite often, as well as plenty of birds. On our last drive we saw a Golden Eagle and a Bald Eagle. Once we turn left in Elberta, we start to see lots of shore and water birds.

The pronghorn are antelope and they hang out on the west side of the lake.
So many pronghorn!
This is the Golden Eagle we saw.
There are lots of little ponds between Elberta and Genola to stop and look at ducks.

In Genola, you can just head straight back over to the 1-15, but we always turn on Main Street and head over to the Lincoln Beach Road that drives along the edge of the lake. There are places here where you can park and walk along the shore of Utah Lake, too. Sometimes there are fisherman. This is one of our favorite parts of the drive around Utah Lake.

The road follows right along the south shoreline of Utah Lake.
We spotted this pheasant in Genola.

The Lincoln Beach campground is close to the end to the drive. If you’d like, you can park and walk to the end of the dock and look in the lake. There is also a small beach you can explore.

After visiting Lincoln Beach, head back to the I-15. If you want to drive along the east side of the lake, there are a few spots you can follow close to the edge. It doesn’t have a direct drive since all of the new homes have been built. Our favorite part to drive is from the Lindon boat harbor down toward Vineyard. There are lots of beach areas, and the road follows the lake. But it is only a mile or two long.

There are many places to walk to the edge of Utah Lake on the east side.

We love this drive, and it gives us a great half day adventure out of the house, even in the winter. Use Google Maps if any of our directions are confusing. If you’re looking for other beautiful drives, check out our Scenic Drives in Utah list.


Instead of trying to write all the twists and turns that we use, I have included a Google Map that shows the route we take. Hopefully it helps, but if you have any questions, please let us know.

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    When you drive around utah lake what beach has the ice collected on the shore?