Red Hills Desert Garden | St. George

Red Hills Desert Garden is a free, family-friendly adventure in St. George. This garden is a desert conservation garden that showcases some of the desert plant life and beautiful desert landscapes. We wandered through the gardens and found so many fun things.

There are lots of lovely spots in the Red Hills Desert Garden.

The Red Hills Desert Garden has a small stream that flows through the gardens. There are stepping stones to cross the stream, as well as a fish viewing area. The fish are all native to the desert area of St. George. They have even created a mini replica slot canyon to walk through that ends with an arch to walk underneath. You can also walk across the arch and look down into the slot canyon.

This is the fish viewing area.
The replica slot canyon was sweet!

The garden has a wide paved path, which is wheel-friendly. There are many other little paths to walk, too, though some of them are not so good for wheels. Exploring all of the different paths was our favorite part of the garden. There are little bridges, and dirt paths that walk all through the gardens. Many plant are labeled in Red Hills Desert Garden, so you can learn about the desert plant life.

We really loved the stepping stones through the stream.
There are many paved paths for wheels, but also more wild trails to explore, too.
The garden is next to a desert area where you can look for desert tortoises.

There are also dinosaur tracks in the garden. This area of Utah has many different spots with dinosaur fossil tracks, so they have included some swimming fossil tracks to view along the outer trail.

The garden is great for everyone. There are swings and benches along the way, as well as little pavilions and shade coverings. These are great spots to sit and enjoy the view, and also rest out of the sun. Make sure to grab a map, so that you don’t miss any of the fun little spots to explore.

There are dinosaur tracks to find, too.
Sitting on the swings and enjoying the view.
Make sure to pick up a map so you don’t miss any side trails.

Red Hills Desert Garden also has fun holiday events for Halloween and Christmas where they decorate for each season. Check out their website for more info on those events.

The garden is located right next to Pioneer Park, one of our favorite places in St. George. These two adventures would be perfect to pair together. Next time you are in St. George, make sure to stop at the Red Hills Desert Garden.

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