Copperton Park

Copperton Park

We are always looking for unique parks to try, and this week we visited Copperton Park. First of all, we had to find out where Copperton was (it’s west of West Valley and West Jordan close to the Kennecott Copper Mine). Then we had to find a time to go, and we made the trip the day before school started as our last summer adventure.


Copperton Park covers a whole block in the township of Copperton. It has tons of shady trees and lots of picnic tables. There is a huge pavilion, tennis courts, an old basketball court, bathrooms, and a drinking fountain. But the highlight of this trip was the playground.

The park is very shady and peaceful.

The playground area has tons of fun things to do. There is a huge brick structure in the middle of the play area that has different ways to climb up. It also has a tunnel and two of the huge old metal slides that you can zip down. There are also huge tires for climbing on. This park was obviously modeled to look like the mine, and use the massive tires that they use there as play toys.

This brick structure was so much fun to play on!
These slides are FAST!!
Everyone can crawl through the tunnels.
And the tires are fun whether you go over or under.

There are two playgrounds that are perfect for toddlers since the climbing structure was a little challenging. Our three year old could walk through the tunnel easily, but climbing up top was hard to do without assistance. There are stairs by the slide that he could manage, but we caught him at the bottom of the slide because he came rushing down. He loved crawling through the tires, and even found the best hiding spot when we played hide-n-seek. There are baby and kid swings to enjoy, too.

The playgrounds are great for the younger kids.
We played hide and seek in the bark area. The kids found great hiding spots.
There are swings, and even some horseshoe pits (they were mostly dirt).

The best judge of how fun this park is comes from our children. When we pulled up to this park, they all said, “Awesome!” and couldn’t wait to get out and play. Also, it’s in a very small town so we were the only ones in the park and we doubt it gets very busy. So if you’re in the area, or just looking for somewhere new to visit, try Copperton Park. It’s run by Salt Lake County Parks and is located at 8791 West Park Street in Copperton.

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  1. grant

    Growing up in good WJ we loved to play night games at Copperton. It is nice that it stays open until 11PM instead of 10PM like most parks. It also has horse shoe pits. It is great in the summer since there are so many trees you can stay nice and cool in the shade.