We love hiking! We hike often all throughout the year, and have found so many great trails! There is just something special about being together as a family exploring the outdoors, and then arriving at a beautiful destination. It is a wonderful adventure for our family.

Utah has so many hikes. Thousands of different trails. We share all of the hikes that we have hiked as family, and give all the details here that you’ll need as you head out on the trail. How long, how hard, fees required, and more.

Devils Kitchen | Nebo Loop

If you happen to go up the Nebo Scenic Loop, make sure you stop at Devils Kitchen. This is one of our favorite walks (it's only about a block, so to call it a "hike" would be stretching it). The short walk leads to a view of bright orange rocks like…

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Ashton Gardens | Thanksgiving Point

We have an annual pass to Thanksgiving Point, and we often find ourselves at the farm or the dinosaur museum. Recently, though, we decided to check out the Ashton Gardens at Thanksgiving Points. We'd only been there once before, and that was for a birthday party long ago. The tiny minnows…

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Can't go to a lake without throwing rocks in, can we?

Payson Lakes

We tried a new adventure today. We went up to Payson Lakes for a picnic. We've been up Payson Canyon many times-- mostly to drive the Nebo Scenic Loop, but this time, we stopped at the lake for a picnic. Because it was Labor Day, there were quite a few people…

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Cecret Lake Hike

Just a heads-up for 2022: there is construction in this area, so sometimes the road and trail will be closed. There is no way to know when it is open and closed, so it might be better to try this one next year. Post where I saw the info: Facebook post.…


Buffalo Peak Hike

We tried a new little-known hike today called Buffalo Peak Hike. This is the peak you can see from the valley floor just one peak north of Kyvh Peak. We liked this hike because it was short and easy, but allowed us to "summit" which is something our boys have never…


Timpanogos Cave National Monument

Timpanogos Cave National Monument is an adventure that everyone from Utah Valley should definitely do at least once in their life. We have visited this cave a few times, even with children as young as 3 years old, and we always have a lot of fun.  Here are several pieces of…