Wilson Arch

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Wilson Arch is located 24 miles south of Moab on Highway 191 between mile markers 100 and 101 near the LaSalle Junction. The arch itself is huge, and can easily be seen from the road. On any given day many cars are pulled off to the side and gawkers are taking pictures. There are parking lots on both sides of the road to stop and look at Wilson Arch.

Of course, we didn’t want to just look at the arch. We had to take the short hike up to Wilson Arch. To call it a hike is a bit of a stretch. I doubt it is a quarter mile. However, it is straight up the slickrock, and it requires handholding for smaller kids. Also, there is a pretty good drop off on the other side of Wilson Arch, so keep children close. Once you reach the “summit,” there is a wide place to stand and take pictures.

Information sign about the Arch
You can see how you hike right up the slick rock to stand under the arch.
Stay away from the steep drop off, but enjoy the view.

If you are in the area, either on your way to Arches or Canyonlands (Island in the Sky or Needles), make sure to stop at Wilson Arch. It is worth the short climb.

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