We love hiking! We hike often all throughout the year, and have found so many great trails! There is just something special about being together as a family exploring the outdoors, and then arriving at a beautiful destination. It is a wonderful adventure for our family.

Utah has so many hikes. Thousands of different trails. We share all of the hikes that we have hiked as family, and give all the details here that you’ll need as you head out on the trail. How long, how hard, fees required, and more.

Cascade Springs

One of our favorite family friendly hikes is Cascade Springs. Even the drive up to Cascade Springs along the Alpine Loop is beautiful. We usually visit this area in the Fall, but it is beautiful year-round Cascade Springs has a very simple trail. It is paved or a boardwalk the entire…

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Our kids love sticking their hats in the waterfall to cool off.

Grotto Falls

Grotto Falls is one of our favorite hikes! The trail is short and easy, so most everyone is able to hike this trail. And the waterfall is in a small little grotto, which is like its own personal cave. We especially love this hike in the Fall, but it's extra fun…


Silver Lake Hike in Big Cottonwood

One of our most recommended hikes is Silver Lake Hike at the top of Big Cottonwood Canyon. We love how simple this trail is and that anyone can enjoy this area of Utah. Half of the hike is on a boardwalk. The first time we did this hike we only had…


Donut Falls | Big Cottonwood Canyon

One of the first hikes that we tried at a family was Donut Falls. We have hiked this trail in summer and fall, and we love visiting this waterfall every time. Big Cottonwood Canyon is one of our favorite spots in Utah, and Donut Falls is a fun, family-friendly hike. Donut…


Battlecreek Falls Hike

One of our favorite hikes is located just east of Pleasant Grove. Battlecreek Falls is practically an urban hike as it is located just up the hill from Pleasant Grove High School. Besides accessibility, the other thing that makes this hike amazing is that there is a beautiful waterfall payoff after…