Nation’s Natural Bridge in Blanding

This Natural Bridge is right outside of Blanding.

The Nation’s Natural Bridge is a rock arch located just outside of Blanding near the West Water Ruin. The bridge itself is fairly large and can be accessed by hiking down through the canyon and up the other side. This hike is steep and difficult to find, but if you find it, you can hike right up to the bridge. It is even possible to walk across the bridge, though we didn’t. It is quite narrow and would be a treacherous fall.

We took pictures from across the canyon, which makes the arch itself a little difficult to see. ¬†Because it is in the canyon below, we couldn’t get any blue sky behind it. In fact, it took us awhile to find the bridge even though we were looking right at it.

To get to Nation’s Natural Bridge go south on Main Street in Blanding. Turn right on 1600 South and follow the road to the sign says Nation’s Natural Bridge. You can see the bridge from the road. The trail down is to your right. Be sure to continue a few hundred yards down the road to West Water Ruin.

It was hard to photograph because you are looking straight across at the bridge.
You can see it’s shadow a little in this picture.

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