Brookside Park Daybreak

Brookside Park in Daybreak Utah

Brookside Park is a fun park in the Daybreak Community, part of South Jordan. We enjoyed this park because it has a great playground, but it also has a little brook to play in. There was a lot to do to keep our boys entertained. This is a fun park for families to spend the day exploring.


The playground has quite a few great climbing structures. Our boys hustled right over to them. We loved how some of the structures were connected by a rope bridge, and one had a slide coming out of it. Some structures had sand underneath, others had the nice foam flooring underneath, which was nice when our boys had wet feet from playing in the water. They spent most of their time barefoot at this playground.

There are so many places to climb. We loved how these two were connected with the rope bridge!
The slide coming off this tall tower was extra fun!
There are a few other spots to play, too. You can also see the sand, as well as the foam pad at this playground.

There is also a big slide on the hillside. There are stairs up to the slide, or for the braver kids they can use the ropes to climb up the steep hill. My boys climbed over and over to go down the slide. There is also a large grassy soccer field, basketball court, and a volleyball court. Most of the children at the park were using the volleyball court to play in the sand. We wished we had brought sand toys.

This slide is a fun spot at Brookside Park.
There were lots of places to play in the sand.
Make sure to find this fun tunnel to crawl through.

The water area is unique. There is a small stream that flows through the park, and continues down the road. It isn’t a like a splash pad, but more like an actual wilderness area even though it has been created for the park. Near the park, the water forms a pool and there are a few rocks to climb on. Our boys loved the little dams that were in place to stop the water. They enjoyed opening and closing the gates.

This little area is perfect for the young kids to explore.
The water gates offered lots of fun for our kids.
The creek is so close to the playground. It’s perfect for the kids to run back and forth.

Our oldest enjoyed exploring the little brook. He walked through the water hoping to find little animals (which he didn’t). There are tables all along the stream which are perfect for afternoon picnics. I noticed that a few families were playing in the stream further down the road in their own individual spot. There is also a swimming pool at this park, but it was not open when we were there.

The creek is very pretty and a fun place to cool off in the summer.

Brookside Park is a great spot for a family adventure. We had a wonderful time climbing and splashing. There are lots of parks in the Daybreak Community, and we can’t wait to explore more.


Brookside Park is located at 4863 W Fish Hook Rd, South Jordan.  It is near the South Jordan Parkway between Bangerter Highway and the Mountain West Corridor.

brookside park daybreak

Tips for Families

  • Take sand toys. We wished we had brought some.
  • Wear swimsuits. Our boys went back and forth from the playground to the water.
  • If you are looking for other parks, we love Lodestone Park and Sierra Newbold Park, which are both near Brookside Park.

brookside park daybreak


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