Our Favorite Hikes

Our Favorite Hikes

As the weather gets warmer, we have had many people ask us about our favorite hikes. We have chosen our top 7 (one for each day of the week!) Oh yeah, if you’re one of those hardcore metal-water-bottle hikers, these hikes may be way too easy for you. Here’s the top seven in no particular order (Click the link for more info and specific directions):

  • Hidden Falls: (Big Cottonwood Canyon) Okay, honestly this one isn’t even a hike. You can almost hit it with a rock from the road. But if you pair it with Stairs Gulch, you get two hikes for the work of one. And Hidden Falls is the better waterfall of the two.
  • Ghost Falls: (Draper) This hike is accessible from two directions. It’s a tough drive to the top, followed by an easy hike; or an easy drive to the bottom and a little tougher hike up. There’s a great payoff, though– a waterfall the kids can play in.
  • Grotto Trail: (Payson) This is one of our all-time favorites! We like to do it in the Fall because the Nebo Loop is the most gorgeous leaf-drive outside of Vermont. This one is extra fun with steps, bridges, and a great destination.
  • Silver Lake: (Big Cottonwood Canyon) A stroller friendly boardwalk makes this the perfect hike for even the smallest adventurer. Wild animals, including moose, are easy to spot, too.
  • Battlecreek Falls: (Pleasant Grove) This is our old standby. We return to this simple hike more than any other. The waterfall at the end is one of the best you’ll see around here.
  • Rocky Mouth Falls: (Mouth of Little Cottonwood Canyon) One thing we really like about this hike is that it seems like such a secret. We’ve never seen anyone along the trail, and it cuts right through a neighborhood. The waterfall is great, and it’s short, but this one can be a little rocky.
  • Buffalo Peak: (Mouth of Provo Canyon) This is a great hike for that first trek to a summit. The reward is a beautiful view of Utah Valley. For a summit hike, it’s pretty easy, though the last eighth of a mile is a bit steep.

We have found even more great hikes in Utah! Check out our More Favorite Hikes post!

We love hiking. This is on the way to Buffalo Peak.
We love hiking. This is on the way to Buffalo Peak.

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  1. Daisy

    We are coming to the Salt Lake City area for a trip next week and we’d love to do tons of hiking as we can’t do it where we live! We have a three year old so I’m so happy to have found your website and learned so much information! I have two questions: have you ever tried the Lake Blanche Trail and if yes what do you think about it? Second, could you recommend any hiking shoes for toddler? It doesn’t need to hard core but something with good grip of the ground I suppose. Thank you so much!

    1. Natalie

      The lake Blanche Trail is VERY demanding. It is uphill, strenuous, and 6.9 miles RT. We have not taken our kids (ages 3-9) on this trail, and our sources say this would be too much for a little one. As an alternative, you might try checking our list of 10 family friendly hikes in Big Cottonwood Canyon (this is where Lake Blanche is located). Make a list of your favorites and do as many of these easier, shorter hikes as you like: https://www.utahsadventurefamily.com/things-to-do-in-big-cottonwood-canyon/. We also have lots of other hikes in different areas in Utah that are fun, and easy for small kids. If you have more specific questions based on where you are going to be visiting, feel free to email us at utahsadventurefamily@gmail.com and we can give more suggestions.

      As for shoes, we are believers in a sturdy set of sneakers. We don’t do fancy hiking boots. We like a tennis shoe with a fairly soft bottom that will grip the rock. Our boys currently have shoes from the Nike Outlet and Target, so nothing too expensive.

      I hope this helps! And thanks for adventuring in Utah! ~UAF

  2. Sally

    Thanks for this! The Utah county and Nebo ones we’ve never done and look forward to trying.

  3. melody

    I feel like I hit the jackpot with your blog! We hike several weekends in the summer with our kids and are so excited to try so many new hikes, thanks to you. I really appreciate all the detail you include about each hike. Maybe we’ll run into you on the trail sometime 😉 Happy hiking!