Fat Daddy’s Pizzeria | Provo

We love pizza. And we especially love really good pizza. Fat Daddy’s Pizzeria on Provo Center Street definitely fits the bill. This restaurant is a throwback to when pizza was delicious, arcades were cool, and service was great. We loved Fat Daddy’s, and the pizza was great leftover, too.

Doesn’t this pizza look amazing?

The crust is what makes this pizza so good. A lot of pizza now days tastes like cheese on cardboard, but we loved the thin, crispy but chewy crust at Fat Daddy’s. Fat Daddy’s pizza is true New York style pizza. There are plenty of toppings and specialty pizzas, too. We enjoyed the Butcher Block pizza and the Pig on Vacation, but all of the pies look amazing. There was even a pizza with fries on it, but we couldn’t convince our kids to try it. We will be going back for a date night to give it a try.

The pizzas are huge. There are only two options, huge and hugest! The pizzas come in 18″ or 24,” so bring your friends and family to share pizza. They let us do half of one kind on each side, so that we could try a variety of pizzas. But there was definitely a lot of pizza left over.

The pizzas are enormous!

Before you try the pizza, you might opt for some appetizers. We liked the pepperolis almost as much as the pizza, but there are several things to try. After we finished our pizza and pepperolis, we even tried a shake. The shakes are not basic milkshakes, either. Ours was topped with a cannoli and had sprinkles on the outside of the glass. All the food was really great at Fat Daddy’s Pizzeria.

Everything we tried was delicious right down to the breadsticks.
These were our favorite. Pepperolis: pepperoni and cheese wrapped in pizza dough.
The shakes are also massive and very fancy!
This was the specialty shake, but there are a lot of options.

We liked the atmosphere, too. There was an old school arcade with a few pinball machines, which can be hard to find anymore. Our boys enjoyed the funny fails on the TV screens, too. We liked being in a classic brick building downtown. Fat Daddy’s isn’t a retro pizza place, but it sort of has the friendly feel of one.

The whole atmosphere was fun and friendly.
Our kids were huge fans of the arcade games.

If you are visiting Provo, or a regular resident, give Fat Daddy’s Pizzeria a try. It made our list of Best Restaurants in Utah. For more info on ordering and hours, visit Fat Daddy’s Pizzeria.

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