Art City Inn | Springville

The Art City Inn in Springville has been around in various forms since 1892. We took the opportunity to stay in the suite as family, and really enjoyed our night there. Though we had a good time with our three boys in the two king beds and the fold-out couch, this place would be great for a couples get away or a honeymoon.


Springville is known as Art City here in Utah, and has been for a long time. This is because Springville opened the first visual arts museum in Utah nearly 100 years ago. If you haven’t been to Springville Art Museum, it is definitely worth a visit. It is just a few blocks away from the Art City Inn.

Art City Inn is a beautifully historic building with original brick walls and wonderful stained glass windows. The building is updated to blend its history with a modern feel that includes many modern luxuries.

The historic building is beautiful.

Inside the Art City Inn

The Art City Inn has gone through many renovations, but was most recently updated by a local family in 2021-2022. The inn is right off Main Street in Springville behind Magleby’s Restaurant. The exterior is much like it was in 1892. There is also a sitting area and balcony outside, and a courtyard with a jacuzzi behind the building. Our family enjoyed the warm water, even though we stayed in February.

The outdoor courtyard is a fun place to hang out.
We loved enjoying the hot tub on a cool winter evening.
The mountain views are gorgeous.
We also enjoyed sitting on the roof deck.

Inside the building is a small lobby where you can help yourself to cold breakfast. There a few tables, and some nice sunny windows help to make the room feel open. Though we only got to visit the room that we stayed in (suite 1) there are 10 other rooms.

We loved the lobby area.
It was nice to have a light breakfast provided.
There are games and books for guests to enjoy.

The rooms are updated and beautiful. Each one is unique with different colors and one or two king beds depending on which room you stay in. The great thing about these rooms is that there is a small kitchenette. There is a kitchen sink, microwave, counter, and small eating area, so that you can prepare a simple microwave meal, or at least order food from the Magleby’s and carry it back to your room. The rooms have nice bathrooms and chairs and couches to enjoy relaxing in the room.

We loved the historic walls in our room.
The rooms are clean and updated.
Love these original windows.
The kitchen area is small, but a nice place to enjoy meals or treats.
The bathrooms are clean and well stocked.

Best of all, these modern updates don’t distract from the 19th century feel of the inn. The room that we stayed in has the original brick walls and beautiful stained glass windows. It reminded us of our historic places we’ve enjoyed like the Manti House Inn, which is another great place for anniversaries and honeymoons.

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