Thanksgiving Point: Everything You Need to Know

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We live in Lehi and are so lucky to be close to Thanksgiving Point. We have had a membership pass to Thanksgiving Point most of the years that we have lived here because there is so much to do. It is an amazing place for families to visit.

Since there is a lot to do, we want to help you understand a little bit more about Thanksgiving Point. First of all, there are 5 venues and 2 restaurants, plus some other spots to enjoy located on their large campus. This post will give you a rundown of everything at Thanksgiving Point. In addition, there are seasonal events like Luminaria and the Tulip Festival that we do year after year.

Museum of Ancient Life

This spot is for all of the dinosaur lovers out there. This museum is full of fossils and dinosaur displays, but we really love that every room has hands-on activities. Our favorites are the huge sand and water table, and the sand pit to brush of fossils, and there are even a few just for toddlers. They are adding a new indoor playground soon, and we can’t wait.

Butterfly Biosphere

Near the Museum of Ancient Life is the Butterfly Biosphere. This spot is great for learning about insects, especially butterflies. There is a large indoor play area, and hands-on exhibits. But the biosphere is a special place where you walk among the butterflies. They flutter around you, and often land right on you. It is amazing!

Farm Country

We love walking around the farm at Thanksgiving Point. There are many farm animals to feed and pet. You can also enjoy a pony ride or wagon ride. The farm has different exhibits about how farms work, but the highlight is seeing all of the animals up close. They are in the process of adding a new train ride at Farm Country, too.

Museum of Natural Curiosity

The Museum of Natural Curiosity is built just for kids. Our boys love this museum because it is all hands-on activities. There is an entire Kids Town with places like the bank, laundromat, vets office, and more for kids to play pretend. There is a huge water works area to have fun with water, and our boys love The Jungle area, which is a huge indoor climbing place.

Ashton Gardens

You really need to visit the Ashton Gardens during the Tulip Festival, as well as during Luminaria, but the gardens are beautiful any time of year. There are many different paths to wander and a huge variety of plants and trees. Don’t miss feeding the koi at the pond, or exploring the secret garden. They have fun events throughout the year, too.


There are two main restaurants at Thanksgiving Point. Harvest is located between the Museum of Ancient Life and the Butterfly Biosphere. It is a great spot for a date or friend outing because it is a little bit on the fancy side. The Trellis Cafe is located at Ashton Gardens and is open seasonally. This is a lovely spot for a lunch date. There is also the Tower Deli which is a quick service spot and has an ice cream shop next door.

The carousel is a new addition to Thanksgiving Point that we haven’t even visited yet. It is not included in our membership pass, so we will have to purchase separate tickets. But the carousel has hand painted horses and old fashioned music, and the tickets are between $3-$5, so not too bad.

Explorer Pass

If you are visiting for the day and want to save a little bit, then we recommend the Explorer Pass. This pass allows you to visit any of the Venues. You probably wouldn’t have time to hit them all, but it is cheaper to buy the explorer pass if you are going to go to more than one spot. You can read more about it on the Thanksgiving Point website.

Kids love to play veterinarian at the Museum of Natural Curiosity.


If you live in the area and you are considering checking out any of these spots, you might consider getting a membership. If we visit one location, it is usually over $100 for our family since our kids are getting older. We got our membership for $250 (on sale), so if we plan to visit at least three times, it is worth it. When our kids were young, we would visit the farm or dinosaur museum almost every week. We don’t go quite as often now, but we still go enough that we keep our membership. It would be a great gift to enjoy as a family.

We really enjoy Thanksgiving Point and love to visit any of these locations. Please let us know if you have any other questions by sending us an email at

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