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How do places like Vernal, with only ten thousand people, get incredible restaurants like Antica Forma? We don’t know either, but this restaurant features the best pizza we’ve ever had. The menu says that the pizza is authentic from Naples, and that the chef was trained by a world-renowned “pizzaioli” in New York City. This made us chuckle, but when we tasted the pizza, we weren’t laughing!

The pizza at Antica Forma has a thin chewy crust that is stretched and cooked right in front of you. You can watch the chef make the pizza if you sit up at the bar, or there is a camera that shows the chef on TV screens located throughout the restaurant. After receiving hand made cheese and tomatoes imported from Italy, it is placed in a 900 degree oven. It ends up at your table in a surprisingly short amount of time.

You can sit at the counter and watch them cook your pizza.
Pizza in the fired oven makes it extra delicious!
We watched the chef from our table.

Though the pizza at Antica Forma is more expensive than at chain restaurants, there is no comparison. You’ll pay around $15 per person, but it is well worth the splurge. They also have kids meals, and our son was shocked that the chicken strips were hand-breaded. It was so good! Our other boys enjoyed traditional pasta. You can also get authentic gelato.

The pizza is amazing!!!!
They also have pasta and salads. One of our boys got spaghetti with sauce on the side.
The fries and chicken were amazing, too.

We’ve loved picking a favorite restaurant in each County in Utah, but Antica Forma might be our number one favorite restaurant in Utah. Do not miss an opportunity to try this pizza!

Antica Forma is located at 251 E Main Street in Vernal. There is also a location in Moab.

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