Ashley Valley Community Park | Vernal

Vernal has a really fun community park with an amazing playground, a walking track, pavilions, and more. We had a wonderful picnic and enjoyed a few hours playing at Ashley Valley Community Park in Vernal.


There is a lot of playground equipment.

The playground at Ashley Valley Community Park is large and has a lot of fun places to play. There is a huge climbing tower, as well as a climbing wall. There are a few different play sections with monkey bars, slides, and places to explore. The playground also has swings and a teeter toter. We also had fun playing on the spinny toys at this park.

There were so many different places to climb.
Our boys loved exploring all of the parts of the playground.
The teeter toter is so fun. There are also tons of swings.
There were many different types of monkey bars.
There are a few spinny toys to get dizzy on, too.
Even the adults enjoyed the little zipline.

There is a smaller toddler playground at the park, too. Even the toddler playground has a lot to do with monkey bars, slides, and smaller climbing places. This is a great spot if you don’t want to worry about your kids on the larger climbing places.

The smaller toddler playground is fun for all ages, but just right for the small kids.

Tabernacle Tower

Another highlight at Ashley Valley Community Park is the original Vernal Tabernacle Tower. When the tabernacle was turned into the Vernal LDS temple, they placed the original top of the tabernacle in the park. There is an informational sign and you are allowed to walk inside of it. We loved that there was a little bit of history right in the park.

The old tabernacle tower is a great historical spot in the park.
We loved being able to go inside the old top of the tabernacle.

Walking Path

In the warmer months there is a fountain that flows through this man-made stream.

Across the street from the park there is a walking path. The walking path has some beautiful bridges and a small pavilion. There is also a small pond and stream that runs through this area of the path. We didn’t use the path for exercise, but we enjoyed walking around the little pond for the scenery.

The walking path has the cutest bridges.
The pond is a fun place to explore at the park.
We found a hidden painted rock. It’s part of the Vernal Rocks.
The walking path is a great addition to the rest of the park.


Ashley Valley Community Park has lots of other amenities that make it a great place to spend the day. There is a large pavilion where we ate our lunch. This park also has restrooms and a lot of grass for playing tag or soccer. There are also baseball fields and basketball courts.

We ate lunch at the large pavilion where there was a ton of grass.


Ashley Valley Community Park is a fun place to spend half a day. If you find yourselves in Vernal, make sure to schedule a few hours to play at the park. We have a list of lots of fun things to do in the Vernal area.

Address: 500 N 900 W Vernal, UT

We visited Ashley Valley Community park in the Fall and it was very beautiful.

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