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Hill Aerospace Museum

(Last Updated On: June 3, 2018)

Today we went to the Hill Aerospace Museum, also known as the Hill Air Force Base Museum, in Roy. You see this museum each time you drive through the Ogden area on the east side of the road. We enjoyed exploring the aircraft inside and out of this FREE museum.


Our 3 boys loved seeing the vintage airplanes at the museum. When you arrive, park first, then take a walk through the planes that are outside. (They’ll give you a site map and brochure when you get inside, but unless you are a super plane-dork, it won’t mean much to you.) There are some really cool planes here. You can explain to your little ones the codes on the planes: A for attack, B for Bomber, C for Cargo (or carrier), F for Fighter, etc. (So an F-15 is a fighter jet).

There are quite a few airplanes outside, but lots inside too!

This airplane is huge. Can you see my boys standing underneath it?

Our 3 year-old thought he should walk under all the planes after we walked under the one shown above.

When you get inside, you can tour the airman uniform section of the museum. Then be sure to check in at the desk and get your site map. You can also donate here, as this is a free activity.


There are two more full hangars stuffed with planes of all kinds, too. There is even the famous SR-71 “Blackbird.” (SR for stealth reconnaissance in this case.) Our boys loved looking at all the planes and helicopters.

This was our boys’ favorite airplane.

It was neat to be able to look inside the planes and helicopters, too.


Our littlest adventurer! Only 3 weeks old and already out and about.

The key to this trip, though is a visit to the learning center. It is located in the farthest hangar on the west side (marked ACE Learning Center on your map). We almost walked right past it without going in. Here, you youngster can visit a flight simulator, dress up in flight suits, play a few science experiment type games, etc. There are volunteers here to assist you as well.

Our boys loved dressing like astronauts.

You can fly the space shuttle and feel very official.

Dad loved the science experiment station.

We were told that they were clearing the play area for 45 minutes so that everyone could go and watch a rocket launch. They took us into an adjacent room and all 20-25 kids on hand were taught how to build a paper rocket. Then we all went outside and launched our rockets from an air compressor pump. It was amazing how high the little paper rockets went! Of course, the boys were thrilled that they got to count down and push the launch button.

It was neat to create the rockets right underneath an airplane.

Our 6 year old getting ready to launch his rocket.

We were lucky to stumble upon this extra activity, but this museum is fun no matter what!

This free activity is a great way to spend 2-3 hours! For more info, visit the Hill Aerospace Museum website.


Hill Aerospace Museum is located at 7961 Wardleigh Rd. on Hill Airforce Base in Roy. It’s easy to find: Just take Exit 338 and you are there. (Note: You don’t have to go through the security gates, turn left when they come into view– there’s a sign).

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