Hill Aerospace Museum

One of our favorite free activities in Utah is a visit to the Hill Aerospace Museum in Roy. You can spot this museum when you drive through the Ogden area on the east side of the road. There are huge airplanes on display outside and inside at this amazing museum. And one of the best parts is that this museum is free.

We have been to quite a few aerospace museums throughout the country, and the Hill Aerospace Museum stands up to them as one of the best.

There are so many things to see in this museum.

Outdoor Museums

We like to walk around the outdoor exhibits when we first arrive since they are right next to the parking lot. There are some really cool planes, and they are huge. You can explain to your little ones the codes on the planes: A for attack, B for Bomber, C for Cargo (or carrier), F for Fighter, etc. So an F-15 is a fighter jet.

It’s so fun to walk around next to the large airplanes. The sidewalk even walks you right underneath some of the wings of the planes. We feel so small next to these giant airplanes. Plan about 30 minutes walking around outside.

The airplanes outside are huge!!
There are signs for each of the planes.
It is super fun to walk right beneath the planes.
Standing next to the huge planes, makes you feel small.
The outside area is quite large, so there are benches to rest along the way.

Indoor Museums

When you get inside, make sure to check in at the desk and pick up a map, if you’d like one. You can also make a donation, which we recommend if you are able. This free museum runs on donations, so every little bit helps.

There are two more hangars stuffed with planes of all kinds. As you walk through the museum there are display signs with historical information about each of the planes. We enjoy learning about the origin of each of the planes, and the part they played in history. One of our favorite planes is the famous SR-71 “Blackbird.” (SR for stealth reconnaissance in this case.)

There are planes from early times, too.
This was our boys’ favorite airplane.
It was neat to be able to look inside the planes and helicopters, too.
The signs are very informative about the plane, how fast it goes, what it does, and more.
The hangers are stuffed with vehicles, mostly planes, but there are a few other things to see.

C-130 Experience

There is also an exhibit where you can walk inside one of the airplanes. The C-130 Experience lets you peek inside an old plane. You can take a look into the cockpit, sit down where the parachuters rode, and watch a short video about how the soldiers flew in this plane. It is a great spot to visit for about 10 minutes. When we visited in 2022, this airplane was only open on Saturdays. You can check for more info on the Hill Aerospace Museum website.

This is inside the C-130.
The museum volunteers are so kind and helpful.

STEAM Classes

The Museum holds fun classes in the summer time. We happened upon a STEAM class on one visit where we were taught how to build a paper rocket, and then had the chance to go outside and launch our rockets. Our boys loved every second watching their paper rockets fly so high. They now require pre-registration for all of their STEAM classes, so pay attention to when those classes become available for the summer. Classes are free, too.

The museum now has classrooms for these activities. We created our rockets right underneath the planes.
Our 6 year old getting ready to launch his rocket.
We were lucky to stumble upon this extra activity, but this museum is fun no matter what!

This free activity is a great way to spend 2-3 hours! Make sure to wear comfortable shoes because you will be walking quite a bit through the large airplane hangers and on the path outside. No outside food or drink, but they do allow water. Hill Aerospace Museum is open Tuesdays-Saturdays from 9 am – 4 pm. For more info, visit the Hill Aerospace Museum website.

Airplanes are so fascinating.


Hill Aerospace Museum is located at 7961 Wardleigh Rd on Hill Airforce Base in Roy. It’s easy to find: Just take Exit 338 and follow the signs to the museum. Note: You don’t have to go through the security gates, turn left when they come into view. There’s a sign directing you to the museum parking area.

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  1. Tiffany

    Fun, I have always wanted to go there with Josh. Maybe soon! We made paper rockets with our Scouts a few months ago, they loved it too!