Legacy Park & Splash Pad | North Salt Lake

North Salt Lake has a great park and splash pad all in one place. Legacy Park is located in a neighborhood near the 1-15, 1-215, and Legacy Parkway (hence the name Legacy Park), so it is easy to get to and find.

Legacy Park has tons to offer! There is a new playground with shade sails and a padded play surface instead of bark. The park also has a lot of pavilions, as well as a HUGE grassy field. There are bathrooms, and there is a really fun splash pad.

Legacy Park
We couldn’t believe how huge the grassy field was.


The playground reminded us a lot of North Park in Spanish Fork. The equipment is new and there are lots of things for the children to climb on. The playground has a lot of slides and a fun rock to climb on. There is another climbing area that my 6 year-old had a lot of fun playing on, but it was too tricky for my three year-old. One section of Legacy Park has shade sails which keeps the slides cool. I loved the playground floor. It was soft and squishy, and there was no bark to get stuck in shoes.

Legacy Park
The playground is in good condition.
slides at Legacy Park
My boys loved climbing on that rock!
climbing area at Legacy Park
This toy lets the older kids climb all over.

Splash Pad

The splash pad has a lot of fun spraying areas. The water alternates where it is spraying and the amount it sprays. This was perfect for all ages. Little ones could stay in areas that were spraying lower, and my older boys went straight for the huge sprayers. The splash pad is pretty large so it could accommodate a lot of kids. The splash pad does turn off at 10 minutes to the hour, so be prepared!

splash pad at Legacy Park
There are lots of different fountains. And the bathrooms are right between the splash pad and the playground–perfect spot!
sprayers at the splash pad
You can go right for the big spray like my 6 year-old.
splash pad at Legacy Park North Salt Lake
Or hang out on the edge like my 3 year-old.
splash pad at Legacy Park North Salt Lake
The kids loved that different areas sprayed at different times, so they could run from place to place.

Other Amenities

Legacy Park has tons of pavilions. There are a few small ones with one table, medium size ones with a bunch of tables, and a huge pavilion where you could have quite the party. There is also a huge grassy field, but not many trees. Bring your own shade. There are bathrooms, and a shower for cleaning off from the splash pad.

IMG_3275: Legacy Park pavilions
Pavilions are all over this park.
large pavilion at Legacy Park
This pavilion is HUGE!!!

Normally I don’t like when splash pads and parks are in the same place because my boys want to go back and forth between them. Then they are covered in bark because they went to the playground in their wet swimming suits. But at Legacy Park it was perfect. The playground floor makes a huge difference! So it was nice to have them so close together.

playground at Legacy Park
I loved the soft surface. We came over after playing at the splash pad and there was no messy bark stuck on the swimsuits or poking the kids feet. Yay!!

Legacy Park is a great place to spend a day. Play at the park, cool off in the splash pad, eat lunch in the pavilion, and have a lot of fun!!


Legacy Park is located at 1120 W 1100 N in North Salt Lake.


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