Provo Splash Pad

Provo Pioneer Park Splash Pad

The Provo splash pad in Pioneer park is a great place to play. This splashpad reminded us of the Snowflake Fountain at the Gateway without the music.

It’s basically a series of holes in a specific pattern that sprays different heights at different times. The water was plentiful, and though it was crowded, our kids had a great time.

There is also a shower that comes from the building. A curtain of water streams straight down. This served as more of a toy than a shower, but some people used it to wash off before they left.

For the adults, there is a shaded pavilion close by that has tables– you could easily picnic here. There are rocks to sit on positioned in a circle around the water spouts which we found useful while watching our one year old. Of course, adults are welcome to venture into the splashpad as well.

This park also has a playground, bathrooms, big shady trees and grass. It’s easy to find, too. Take Center Street in Provo to 500 W. It’s right on the corner.

We’ve reviewed a lot of splashpads, and Provo’s Pioneer Park is one of our new favorites!

The pavilion is right by the splash pad.
We loved that we could enjoy the shade while the boys played.
There were kids of all ages here.
Our one year old was drenched. He had so much fun!

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