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In Valley of Fire State Park there is a really cool feature called the Fire Wave. Much like the better-known Wave in northern Arizona, the Fire Wave has brilliant red, orange, and pink stripes that stand out particularly well in the morning or just before sunset. This hike is easy and short at just 1.5 miles round trip. Most hikers in reasonable health should be able to make this trip, though on a summer day, make sure to take plenty of water and prepare for the heat.

Fire Wave in Valley of Fire State Park
The Fire Wave is amazing.

Hike Info:

The Fire Wave starts off in soft sand as the trail descends gently from the parking lot. After rounding a huge stone structure, the trail splits. One fork leads off to the left, but you need to keep right to find the Fire Wave. A few dozen yards after the split, the trail climbs up on the slick rock. It continues down to the right, and there are trail markers to help you find your way. It is pretty easy to follow the striations in the rock as they get more and more colorful.

Sandy trail in the desert
The trail starts out in the sand.
Hiking trail to Fire Wave in Valley of Fire State Park
There is a small drop down, but not very difficult elevation change.
Children hiking on slick rock.
Soon the trail turns to slick rock.
Trail marker showing the way on slick rock trail.
There are markers to help you along the slick rock.
Hiking along slick rock to Fire Wave in Valley of Fire State Park
Make sure to enjoy the views of the colorful rocks while you hike.
Colorful rocks at The Fire Wave
Soon you will arrive at the Fire Wave where the colors wave through the rocks.

There is no definite end to this trail, but eventually, a large tower of rock comes up on the right, and the slick rock fades into the sage brush. At this spot, you can see many colors in the rock, and there are always quite a few people taking photographs. The colors swirl around in circles at the Fire Wave.

Family standing on striped rocks.
We loved all of the stripes in the rock layers.
Boy walking along sick rock
We also enjoyed exploring all over the rocks.
Fire Wave in Valley of Fire State Park
This is what you get to hike on. It’s so cool!
Fire Wave in Valley of Fire State Park
The Fire Wave in Valley of Fire State Park is definitely worth it.
Man jumping on rocks
Look at all of the different colors in these rocks.

The Fire Wave in Valley of Fire is very beautiful! In fact, it is our favorite hike in this State Park. To read more about this park and its hikes, check out our complete post on Valley of Fire State Park.

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  1. Jen

    Thanks for posting! I lived in Vegas during my grade school years, and the Valley of Fire, was my number one favorite place to visit. Good memories there. I now live in Utah and enjoy hiking all the beautiful canyons and wandering around Utah Lake. 🙂