Temple Square Christmas Lights

Visiting the lights at Temple Square during Christmas time is a tradition for many in Utah. We love walking around the grounds and enjoying the holiday spirit in this beautiful place. After visiting a few times, we have gathered a few tips for visiting Temple Square Lights.

2023 Update: Temple Square is under construction for the next few years. So the lights are limited on Temple Square. We have updated this post to let you know how we enjoyed the Temple Square lights in 2023, and you can do the same. The lights will be on until Jan. 1.

Temple Square looks a little bit different now.

We try to squeeze in a lot of adventures into one evening when we visit. We enjoy The Temple Square Lights, but also the City Creek Lights, the Conference Center lights, the Macy’s Candy Windows, and the giving machines (locations change each year).


We recommend parking in the City Creek parking area. It is affordable and close to temple square. We parked on the West side near West Temple and headed to the corner of Temple Square that has some lights.

Temple Square Lights

There are currently only lights between the Tabernacle and the Assembly Hall. You will need to enter either from the west side or the south side of Temple Square. It isn’t a ton of lights, but it is still pretty. My favorite tree that is the color of autumn was still there, so make sure to stop and take a picture by it.

There are concerts in the Tabernacle during the holiday season, so we went inside and enjoyed one of the high schools performing. Here is the schedule if you want a spot to warm up.

We were prepared to pay for parking, but we found out that if you park at City Creek, it’s FREE for the first two hours. We also packed the boys’ snow clothes after we nearly froze to death at the Alpine Nativity. We also walk to the Conference Center where the trees were all done up with lights. The boys liked the fountains and waterfalls, too, even in the winter.

This is the only area with Christmas Lights on Temple Square.
This is my favorite tree every year.

Conference Center

After Temple Square, we headed over to the Conference Center. We didn’t see anyone else walking around the Conference Center lights, but the grounds are beautiful. The trees are covered in lights! There are also luminaries set up around the trees on the southwest corner that are very lovely.

We also went inside the Conference Center (another chance to get out of the cold). You can take a tour if you have time, and we love the tours here, but we just looked at the artwork, and listened to the music. Then we headed up onto the roof. The roof is a fun spot, and you have a great view of Temple Square.

The Conference Center has nice lights.
All the trees are covered in lights.
These luminaries were beautiful.
There was nice music going on when we went inside to warm up.
The view of Temple Square is always nice.


Next, walk on over to the Church Office Building and look at the international nativities that are on display. They are just south of the Church Office Building, but you need to enter from the east side because of the construction. The nativities are large, and they are all unique. We especially loved the nativities from Japan and the Maori culture because we have family in those parts of the world.

There are lights all around the nativities, too.
This is the Nativity from Japan.

City Creek & Macy’s Windows

After we finished with the Temple Square lights and other activities, we walked back to City Creek and enjoyed the lights. The fountain dances every half hour, too. Our boys love watching this show. We also went to the Macy’s Candy Windows. Each year artists create giant ornaments out of candy. They are so cool to see!

Now you are back by the parking garage, and you can head on home. We walked this in one giant loop and had a wonderful time. If you are still looking for activities in the area, check out the Holiday Windows at the Grand America or drive over to Frosty’s Winter Wonderland.

The lights in City Creek are elegant.
Don’t skip the Macy’s Candy Windows.

We love visiting Temple Square every Christmas! This year (2023) wasn’t very busy when we went on a Monday night. Probably because the lights are limited right now. Visiting the Temple Square Lights is free, other than parking. We ended up paying $2 for 3 hours of parking.

Temple Square Lights

Tips for Visiting Temple Square Lights:

  • Dress for the weather. We put our boys in snow pants, boots, scarves, gloves, and lots of warm items. We also layer up a lot, too. But if it’s going to be warmer, you won’t need all the layers, especially if you go in and out of the buildings.
  • Go early in the evening o beat the crowds. This applies to a regular year of Christmas Lights.
  • Park at City Creek. The first two hours are free, so you can usually see the lights in that amount of time. And even if you spend another hour, it’s only $2. If you arrive early, you should be able to find a spot. The parking garage gets full later on.
  • Be Prepared for crowds. No matter when you go, it will be busy. Talk with your kids about staying with you and go slow so you can enjoy being together as a family, even though that can be hard when you are fighting through tons of people.

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