The Creamery Beaver, Utah

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Have you noticed that huge new building on the east side of the freeway in Beaver? It’s a great place to stop for amazing ice cream as you break up your drive through southern Utah. If you’re seriously into fresh cheeses and other products, you’ll definitely enjoy The Creamery Beaver.

Watch for this large building on the side of the freeway.

The Creamery isn’t new to locals. It’s been around since 1952, but mostly only locals have visited. In 2018, though, they built that huge new store that is really nice inside. They have a cheese shop, ice cream shop, and a small restaurant. When we saw it, we decided to stop.

There were lots of different items to purchase.

Finding the Creamery Beaver is easy, but whether coming from the north or south, you have to drive through town to reach it. On hot days it’s pretty busy, and the ice cream line can be pretty long. The ice cream, which is said to be made in house, is really rich and creamy. Our favorite flavors were Lemon Bar, Huckleberry, and French Silk Pie. You won’t regret stopping for ice cream!

The ice cream was amazing.
We weren’t ready for lunch, but next time we want to try The Creamery Kitchen.
Mom really loved how creamy the ice cream was.
The Creamery in Beaver, Utah is a great way to break up a road trip.

We also took a few minutes to walk through the giftshop. There are a lot of farm fresh items that you can purchase, and a few fun items for the kids, too. There is a cheese shop right next to the ice cream shop, so you can purchase cheese by the pound. We can’t wait to go back to try the food when we have a few more minutes. Since it takes only a few minutes to leave the freeway, make a trip to The Creamery on your next road trip!

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  1. Jonathan Nielsen

    Cool, this will be a stop next time we go through Beaver. The only thing we’ve ever stopped at in Beaver previously (besides to get gasoline) is Beaver Taco, which is really good Mexican food.