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We recently traveled to Tooele to try a new hike. While we were there, we stopped at a restaurant for our Best Restaurants in Every County. We chose Dairy Delight in Tooele, and unfortunately, we couldn’t get pictures inside the restaurant due to the Covid-19 shutdown. Instead, we ate in our car, but the food was still excellent.

We ordered burgers and fries. They are certainly our favorite. The burgers were really thick and juicy, and the sauce was perfect. The fries were great, too, and there was plenty of fry sauce included. We also ordered a scone, and it was nice a flaky and came with honey butter. 

Our youngest loved the scones.
The burgers are delicious!

The highlight of the entire trip, though, was the buffalo fries that we ordered. They came with just the right blend of bacon, cheese, barbecue sauce, and Ranch dressing. Mom ordered them, but everyone “borrowed” a few, so she didn’t get to enjoy them much. 

The Buffalo Fries were the best. We definitely will order these again!

Dairy Delight wasn’t expensive. All 5 of us ate for fewer than $40. They also have ice cream and special meal deals with things like tacos and spaghetti as well. Give Dairy Delight a try if you’re in the Tooele area. And make sure to check out our County List if you find yourself traveling in Utah!

Here is a picture of their menu. There are a ton of options.
It takes two pictures for all of the choices at Dairy Delight.

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