Fort Bluff

A new adventure called Fort Bluff has been rededicated within the last year (Oct 2013), and it is amazing. Bluff is just a wide spot in the middle of Highway 191 near the four corners area, but Fort Bluff is really fun. It is run by a group called the Hole…


West Water Ruins near Blanding (5 Kiva Pueblo)

West Water Ruin sits across the canyon. West Water Ruin (called 5 Kiva Ruin on the sign) is a small open Native America dwelling located just outside Blanding, Utah. Take your binoculars and you can study this ruin closely as it sits across a steep narrow canyon, which makes it a…


Nation’s Natural Bridge in Blanding

This Natural Bridge is right outside of Blanding. The Nation's Natural Bridge is a rock arch located just outside of Blanding near the West Water Ruin. The bridge itself is fairly large and can be accessed by hiking down through the canyon and up the other side. This hike is steep…


Mexican Hat

Mexican Hat, Utah We stopped for lunch in Mexican Hat on a recent trip to the Blanding area. There is a lot to do in this part of the country including Goosenecks State Park, Natural Bridges National Monument, and Fort Bluff, and a short stop at Mexican Hat will fit right…


Things to do in Blanding

We like to plan outings to out-of-the-way sites and spend a few days exploring the area. We've done this with Vernal, Delta, and Moab. After our trip to Moab over Spring Break, we decided we missed a lot of activities in the southeast corner of the state, so we planned a…

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Valley of the Gods

Valley of the Gods is a 17 mile drive through a redrock desert valley with huge rock formations. It is very similar to Monument Valley, but it takes much less time as it is shorter and closer to the town of Mexican Hat. This drive features towering rock formations standing above the desert…