19 Dazzling Dinosaur Destinations in Utah

Utah is a dinosaur mecca, and many of the locals don't even know it. But one thing we've learned as we've adventured around the state is that no matter where you are, there is a dinosaur destination nearby. Today we are featuring a list of our three boys' favorite dinosaur spots and…


Box Elder Natural History Museum

Update: The Box Elder Museum of Natural History is moving locations. This location that we visited is closed. Some of their exhibits can be viewed at the Brigham City Museum of Art and History. When they open their new location, we will share and update this post!  This last week we…

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We love dinosaurs! This is an ankylosaurus.

Prehistoric Museum in Price (CEU)

As we passed through Price this week, we made a stop at the Prehistoric Museum in Price that is run by the College of Eastern Utah (CEU). This museum is divided into two sections. The west side of the museum is the Paleontology wing, and it's focus is on dinosaurs and…

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We love the Junior Ranger program!

Utah Junior Rangers

Did you know that Utah has 46 state parks? We've been doing research on state parks, National Parks, and Other National Sites in Utah to find Junior Ranger programs for our kids. Here are a few of the facts we've discovered with internal links for our site on parks we've visited…


Dinosaur Museum in Blanding

Blanding has it's own Dinosaur Museum and surprisingly, it has a lot of cool stuff in it. The first exhibit you see when you walk in (besides the huge T-rex skull) holds three petrified trees that are older than the dinosaurs. There are only 6 in the whole world, and this…

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