Dinosaur Museum in Blanding

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Blanding has it’s own Dinosaur Museum and surprisingly, it has a lot of cool stuff in it. The first exhibit you see when you walk in (besides the huge T-rex skull) holds three petrified trees that are older than the dinosaurs. There are only 6 in the whole world, and this museum has three of them. Amazing!

There are large rooms with different types of displays. The first room has lots of actual fossils to view from around the world, and the next room focuses on how dinosaurs are related to birds. There is another room with a large T-rex stomping around and then there are two rooms that focus on dinosaurs in the movies. This was a unique part of the museum. We enjoyed looking at the different movie posters and some of the props that they had collected from old movies, like the mechanical dinosaur used in the original King Kong.

The final room has dinosaur eggs and a neat display of dinosaur skin. We have been to lots of dinosaur museums, but we couldn’t remember seeing such a large collection of actual preserved imprints of dinosaur skin.

There is a small gift shop to walk through on the way out. The cost is very affordable $3.50/adult and $2/child. We enjoyed this dinosaur museum and thought it was definitely worth the trip.

The Dinosaur Museum in Blanding is only open April 15-October 15. It is located at 754 S 200 W in Blanding, Utah and is open 9 am – 5 pm.

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