Sunset Trail – Cedar Breaks National Monument

Sunset Trail is a short shuttle trail in Cedar Breaks National Monument. The trail runs along and is wheel friendly for its entirety, so it is appropriate for all ages and ability levels. Sunset Trail can be done as  a shuttle, meaning a driver drops you off and picks you up at the other end, and this keeps the total distance under 1 mile.

There are clear signs about the trail so you won’t get lost.

Sunset Trail starts at the east end of the Visitor Center Overlook. Head toward the campground along the Campground Trail. Before you arrive at the campground, turn left at the fork in the trail. From this point, the trail leads north and crosses the road again.

We walked from Sunset Point and headed down to the Visitor Center. You can see that it’s 1.0 mile to the center.

The trail never really leaves the road, but it does climb gently through a beautiful meadow of wildflowers. We heard a woodpecker in the trees and saw a few chipmunks. It was very pleasant, but the trail does climb up the entire way to Sunset Point. The trail ends after less than a mile at the Sunset Point Overlook. At this point, someone needs to drive and pick you up, or you’ll need to turn around and hike back to the Visitor Center. If you hike up and back, the trail will be 2.0 miles RT.

The trail is paved the entire way.
There are a couple road crossings, and you can hear and see cars much of the way.
There are some pretty views as you walk along.
The flowers were pretty the first week of August.

We began at Sunset Point Overlook and walked down to the Visitor Center where Dad met us with the car. The Campground Trail wanders through the backside of the campground and looked easy and flat. We didn’t have time to try this trail, but it might be a better choice than hiking up Sunset Point. Or if you have someone who is willing to skip the hike and pick you up, start at Sunset Point Overlook and hike down.

The trail connects to the Campground Trail, so you can walk along that trail, too.
This is the view from the Visitor Center of Cedar Breaks. For more info about Cedar Breaks, click here.

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