Sub Zero Science Demonstrations

Sub Zero Lehi near the Traverse Mountain Outlets is doing FREE science demonstrations. We decided to attend this week and found that the event is appropriate for ages 4-12. Our boys learned about science and had a lot of fun, too.

Our boys loved the fun science experiments.

The show is focused on the liquid nitogen that is used in making Sub Zero’s ice cream. The presentation covers concepts including evaporation, temperature and pressure, and states of matter. They even used the PV = T equation, which was right on level for our 6th grader (meaning as the temperature of a gas rises, the pressure rises as well). This was all done through experiments as we watched liquid nitrogen flash freeze water or be quickly heated by warm water. Our boys were loving the science!

We loved how interactive the experiments were.

The presenter made the presentation interactive and fun. Every time he did an experiment he had the crowd chant “Negative 3-2-1, Nitrogen” to remind the kids that the temperature of liquid nitrogen is -321 degrees. The children were also allowed to answer questions, and even come up and touch some of the items. He also was well prepared with visuals and lots of experiments to demonstrate the science he was teaching. Some people stayed after to ask more questions, and he was so patient and good at answering all of them.

The presenter was awesome!

We had to stay and get some ice cream, of course. It was awesome to watch them make the ice cream using the liquid nitrogen that we had just learned about. There are tons of flavors, and mix-ins, but our favorite treat ended up being the Italian Ice that our 6-year old ordered. It was smooth and delicious.

It is cool to watch them create your ice cream right before your eyes.
The ice cream and the Italian Ice was delicious!

The show takes place on Thursday nights at 6:30 and lasts for about 30 minutes. They will be holding these Free Science Nights through the end of February. There were about 15 kids in attendance when we were there and most of them stayed after for ice cream. This is a fun way to learn a little science and treat yourself to some ice cream.


Sub Zero Ice Cream is located at 1873 W Traverse Pkwy Suite E in Lehi. This is just east of the Traverse Mountain Outlets in the Harmon’s parking lot.

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