Storm Point Trail in Yellowstone

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Storm Point is a hike for everyone at Yellowstone National Park. The trail is a loop that is almost perfectly flat. It runs for about 1.8 miles, much of which is along the shore of Yellowstone Lake. Best of all, there are many opportunities to see wildlife. Storm Point Trail in Yellowstone is one of our favorite family-friendly trails in the park.

The trailhead to Storm Point lies just a few miles east of Fishing Bridge. There is a sign at the trailhead which reads “Storm Point Natural Trail,” but this is clearly a hike. The trail goes around a small pond, and we’ve seen ducks, killdeer, and even an otter in the shallow water. Further on, the trail runs into Yellowstone Lake. It follows the shore for quite aways before turning into the woods. The lake is beautiful and pelicans and otters can be seen at the right time of day.

There is parking right in front of this sign, and there is another pullout slightly before this sign that also leads to the trail.
The hike begins on the trail next to this pond.
The trail heads toward the trees.
Yellowstone Lake appears after leaving the pond area. It’s not far.
Yellowstone Lake is so much bigger than it seems.
The trail runs through the edge of the trees, but the lake will be in view for quite some time.
Our boys love when we cross bridges!
We went early in the year, and the trail had not been cleared of the winter falls.
There are orange trail markers along the way so you won’t feel lost, and here are some more trees to navigate.

After winding in and out of the trees, the trail finally opens up and there is a marmot colony built in the rocks. We’ve seen marmots scurrying around every time we’ve hiked this trail, and sometimes there are dozens of them. The colony also marks Storm Point because you are on a point out into Yellowstone Lake. After a short climb, the trail follows the shoreline as it turns sharply to the right. Eventually, it turns back into the trees and loops around to the start.

The trail opens back up as it heads toward Storm Point.
There views near the point are beautiful.
These rocks are home to lots of Yellow-Bellied Marmots.
We spotted a few of them on our last hike.
The trail follows the edge of the lake and you will be walking in sand.
There are a few places where you could get closer to the water if you wanted to.
The trail splits here. Head right back into the trees to complete the loop.

The trees aren’t so thick that you can’t see any wildlife, though. In fact, it is fairly open and very beautiful. On our most recent hike we saw three deer, two snowshoe hares, and a baby elk lying amongst the trees. Of course, this was just about dusk, which, along with early morning, is always the best time to hike.

After walking along the lakeshore, the trail returns to the woods.
We spotted these deer as soon as we entered the woods again.
This baby elk was obviously hiding, so we hurried by so we wouldn’t scare it.
We saw two different bunnies.
We always enjoy hiking through the woods.
This bridge is near the end of the hike as you leave the forest.
After crossing the bridge, you’ll come up to the meadow that you began hiking in. Follow the trail across the meadow to the parking area.

Storm Point trail in Yellowstone is an easy hike for any family. It is fairly short, mostly flat, and you are almost guaranteed to see some wildlife. This is a great beginner trail in Yellowstone. For other hikes for your family, check out our Yellowstone Kid Hikes list.

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