Taggart’s Grill

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One of Utah’s little treasures is Taggart’s Grill on I-84 between Morgan and Henefer. (The restaurant is easy to find since it has it’s own exit– the Taggart Exit: #108).


Taggart’s could probably best be described as an upscale burger joint, meaning that menu is mostly full of gourmet burgers, but that you can get more traditional fare as well.


We started with an order of onion rings, which were delicious, but a bit pricey ($6 for 8 rings). Our 3 boys had: a hotdog, mac-n-cheese, and a hamburger each of which was served with fries. The adults had halibut fish and chips and a bacon cheese burger (you can probably guess which one Dad had!) We loved all the food except for the tartar sauce for the fish, which was too sweet.

The onion rings were delicious!
Dad couldn’t even finish all those fries…and that is no small feat. The burgers are huge!
My food was great too!

The desserts at Taggarts are famous, and we wanted to try them all. When you enter the restaurant you will see them displayed in a large case. While you wait for a table you can drool over the large variety of cookies and cheesecakes they have. We opted for Mama’s Chocolate Cake and it did not disappoint. It was chocolate cake with chocolate chip cake on the bottom all topped with yummy chocolate frosting. Mmmm!

There are a ton of cheesecakes. And look at the carrot cake on the bottom–looks delicious.
We chose the chocolate cake on top. Our boys really wanted all the cookies.
The cake didn’t last long, but you can see the two layers here. So good!

The restaurant itself was beautiful. It is a historical site in that it was built in an old gas station, but it seems more like an oasis. There is a large eating area outside near a small garden with a koi pond and a waterfall. Peacocks roam the grounds, and we even saw a squirrel. Signs all over the property warn of rattle snakes, but, though we walked the grounds, we weren’t lucky enough to see one.


One strange quirk at Taggart’s is that children are required to eat inside. This is because if any food ends up on the ground (which it sometimes does with our little ones) the critters become aggressive. We didn’t mind, though. We liked the pictures on the walls that show a little of the history of the restaurant. We wished their had been dates or even brief histories to accompany the photos.

The peacocks walked all over. We caught them in the parking lot.
Eating outside would be really nice because the scenery is pretty.

We loved Taggart’s Grill, and we’d gladly go again. We’ve heard it gets very busy on weekends and peak hours, but we showed up at 5pm and easily found a table. If you haven’t tried Taggart’s, it is worth the trip from the Ogden area!


(This is an honest review and no compensation was received for writing it.)

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