Spruce Nature Trail

Spruce Nature Trail is a 1.2 mile loop in the Hoh Rainforest area of Olympic National Park. This short, easy trail takes you through the thick temperate rainforest of Washington. It features an overlook of the Hoh River as well.

This trail starts right behind the Visitor Center at Hoh Rainforest. Parking can be an issue, so read here to learn more about the area. If you are lucky enough to find parking, the nature trail is definitely worth your time. From the right side of the Visitor Center, follow the trail for a very short distance. Then turn right. There is a sign leading to the entrance to this trail. It is designed to be walked clockwise so that you don’t pass a lot of people and can find some peace along the way.

Once you cross the bridge, head to the right.
Soon you will be walking on the Spruce Nature Trail.

One thing we liked about the Spruce Nature Trail is that it is a little more open. This allows you the chance to see birds, chipmunks, and even larger animals, unlike the dark, overhung Hall of Mosses. We even spotted a young black-tailed doe and her fawn grazing just off the trail. Be sure to stop and listen often, and you will hear wildlife and see movement. A lot of people were moving fast, but this nature trail needs careful observation using all the senses.

We never tired of walking through the rainforest.
There were lots of fun places along this trail.
We learned a lot from the nature signs on this hike.
There are some very tall trees!!
Even the dead trees are interesting.
The deer and its fawn were a great sighting.

At one point along the trail, the Hoh River comes in sight. Though this river is like many others in the area, you can walk out into the open and enjoy the overlook. It is a stark contrast to have a wide, sunny riverbank so close to a shaded, wet rainforest. Then you turn and head immediately back into the woods.

There is also a bit of water along the Spruce Nature Trail. We stopped at a few pools and streams, and once we spotted a tiny vole getting a drink. If you take the time to explore this area, you’ll have such a great experience! After exploring the Spruce Nature Trail in Olympic, make sure to walk the Hall of Mosses trail.

The Hoh river is a beautiful blue.
This trail has lots of beautiful spots.

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  1. I love your posts. When we took this trail we saw five otters swimming down the river. It’s a great trail to take.

    I love your posts. When we took this trail we saw five otters swimming down the river. It’s a great trail to take

    1. Natalie Ockey

      Wow! 5 otters!! So lucky! That would be quite the sighting.