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Get Out Pass | Discount Code

(Last Updated On: November 15, 2021)

**We have a code to help you save. “Adventure” will save you $60 off your new Get Out Pass on any pricing option through Black Friday! This is the best deal we have seen in a long time!

There is a new Pass here in Utah called the Get Out Pass that we are really excited about. With this one pass, you can get into over 30 venues at least once, and sometimes multiple times for the year. Best of all, they have some of the biggest venues in Utah participating including Lagoon and SeaQuest Aquarium! We can’t wait to use our Get Out Pass. 

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Get Out Pass

Here’s how the Get Out Pass works. You purchase an annual pass for $149/year for each person in your family. Then you have instant admission into tons of venues all over Utah. But don’t forget to use our code to save $60!!

We think that this pass is worth it purely based on Lagoon being a part of the venues. Going to Lagoon costs our family $307, which is more than half of what these passes would cost our family. And we get all of the other venues, too. Some of which we can visit weekly.

Lagoon is one of the venues on the Get Out Pass.
Lagoon tickets are one reason we think this pass is a great deal!


The list of venues got us extra excited because Lagoon is one of our boys’ favorite spots, but they also love SeaQuest, Kangaroo Zoo, Splash Summit, and Fat Cats. And you can visit some of these spots more than once with your pass. You can mini golf every week this year if you want, and you can bowl once a month. Make sure to check to see if the venue is a one time admission, or if there are other options. There are a ton of great locations throughout the state, so check out their full list on the Get Out Pass website.

Also, they are constantly adding new venues. Make sure to check back often on their website to see what is available.

One heads up: The venues can choose to leave the Get Out Pass, or change their offerings at any time. For instance, Obstacle Warrior Kids was visit once a month, but they changed to two visits, and then the next year they were not on the pass. This can be frustrating, but for the most part, all of the venues have been the same, and even more keep adding. There are almost double the amount of venues since we first wrote this post.

You can bowl lots of times on the Get Out Pass.
We love bowling! Fat Cats lets you bowl once a week!

How It Works

The Get Out Pass works a little bit differently than other passes. Instead of a card, it is all done electronically, which is better for me since I am always looking for my passes. You can download the Get Out Pass app. It is easy to see what you have redeemed already and what venues are available for that day on the app.

It only takes 5 simple steps.

  1. Log into your account on the Get Out Pass App after you have purchased your pass on getoutpass.com.
  2. Browse venues and offers. When you are logged in, you will have access to all of your passes. Some can be used once a year, multiple times per year, monthly, and some are even unlimited. Pay attention to what is available on the day you’d like to visit a particular venue! Each venue offering has its own specific details as to when it is available and how frequently you can use that pass.
  3. Select a Venue to visit. Once you have decided which venue to visit, hit “Redeem.” You will also select which members in your family will be using their pass. This must be done within 6 hours of your visit, so make sure you can definitely use your pass that day!! I just hit redeem while I’m standing at the venue check-in desk.
  4. Redeem Offer With Venue. You will have 6 HOURS to visit the venue and present your pass on your phone to the employee at the counter. Then you can stay all day at the venue if you want, but your redemption code needs to be scanned within that 6 hour window.
  5. Have Fun! Enjoy your time adventuring with your family and using your Get Out Pass.
You get one free trip per year to Splash Summit with the Get Out Pass.

We have loved our passes the last few years, and if you’d like to read all the reasons why, check out this post of 5 reasons we love the Get Out Pass.

****Tip for Current Pass holders! 

If you already have the Get Out Pass, here is how to use the “ADVENTURE” code to save on your pass.  They are allowing people to buy the pass and gift it to people. So if you purchase a gift pass, a redemption code will be emailed to you. You can save this code and redeem at anytime. So hold on to that code until your current Get Out Pass is going to expire, then use it to renew your pass.

Check out our video showing how easy it is to use the Get Out Pass!

**We were given free Get Out Passes for our family in exchange for sharing information about this pass. We will also be given a small compensation fee if passes are purchased using our code.







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    • I am so sorry! I just checked it and you are correct…it doesn’t work. I have reached out to them and it should be fixed quickly. I’ll let you know when it’s been updated.

      • You can get into Lagoon one time with the Get Out Pass. Admission to Lagoon and Splash Summit one time covers the cost of this pass if you use our discount code, plus you get so much more!

  • I purchased 7 passes in December for family – because of the pandemic they have not been able to be used. Is there any compensation for this problem?

  • The Get Out Pass sounds a lot like the “Pass of All Passes” that used to be cool haha! I’m going to go take a peek at their website and see what it’s like. Thanks for sharing Natalie!

    • Thanks for the comment! We think it’s a great deal for the venues you get! Mostly Lagoon, Funtopia, Obstacle Warrior Kids, and Cowabunga Bay!