New Ruby Snap Exhibit at Discovery Gateway

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There is a brand new addition to the Discovery Gateway Kids Town. Ruby Snap is a local SLC cookie shop, and they make delicious cookies. You can read more about this cookie shop on our behind the scenes tour post. Ruby Snap donated a new hands-on cookie shop for kids to play with and pretend to make and serve their own cookies. Check out the new Ruby Snap Exhibit at Discovery Gateway Children’s Museum, and enjoy the rest of the museum, too.

Kids can pretend to bake and sell Ruby Snap cookies.

The Ruby Snap Exhibit at Discovery Gateway looks exactly like the store front of the Ruby Snap store a few miles away. Kids can serve toy cookies into cloth bags and hand them to their friends after using the cash register to ring them up. There are also toy ovens and baking sheets to stick the cookies into the oven and bake them.

It is designed to look just like the Ruby Snap store.

The cookies themselves are magnetic, so our kids liked taking the frosting off while pretending to bake them, and then “refrosting” the cookies before adding them back into the case. Our boys loved being able to serve customers and charge me a million dollars per cookie. It’s a good thing this is all imaginary play, because as delicious as they are, I wouldn’t pay that for a cookie!

Baking cookies in the new exhibit.
The new shop is a lot of fun.

After we spent some time playing with the Ruby Snap Exhibit at Discovery Gateway, we continued exploring the other areas of Kids Town. There is a bank, a grocery store, a gas station, a home with a kitchen and reading area, and a construction yard. Our kids love pretending to be grown-up and running errands. We shopped at Macey’s and put all of our money into the First Utah Bank. We also planted crops at the farm and did a little construction work. There are so many fun exhibits right inside KidsTown, not to mention the rest of the museum. 

There are lots of shops in Kids Town.

We love playing at Discovery Gateway Children’s Museum. It is a super fun interactive museum. It’s perfect for families to spend many hours playing together. To see more about what the museum has to do, check out our post. There are a lot of exhibits upstairs and even one outside, too. For current hours an prices, visit Discovery Gateway’s website.

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