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We were lucky enough to take a tour of RubySnap in Salt Lake City. This cookie shop has been open for 9 years and is locally operated. They use fresh and local ingredients as much as possible, and the cookies are amazing. It is definitely worth the drive to get some treats.


The owner of RubySnap was born in Arizona, but grew up in the Middle East, and also traveled a lot to Europe. So she feels that these experiences influence her tastes and her cookies. She also wants the flavor of each cookie to wow you as you enjoy it, and puts a lot of thought and time into each recipe getting it just right. She has over 80 cookie recipes that have been developed over the last 9 years.

The owner is such a neat lady. She is so creative.
Everything is made right here in the store or in their warehouse, so it’s fresh!
Here is where all the cookie magic happens!
It was so interesting to hear how they create and bake these cookies. It really is an art!

RubySnap has a 1940s theme and is meant to be like a call name used when fighting in WWII. When you enter the shop you will see the ruby red color on the wall, and also lots of airplane decor. Each of the cookies is named after a beautiful lady. They represent the pin-ups that soldiers would have had inside their airplanes.

We loved all the fun 1940s decor.
The creative license plate made me smile!
Here are the names of all the regular cookies. They have specials each month, too!

At RubySnap you will see and smell the cookies when you first enter store. There are lots of choices, many of which are not your typical bakery sugar cookies. There are interesting combinations such as maple bacon, dark chocolate mango, and cinnamon chocolate. Each month there are two new flavors that are rotated throughout the year. This month is a peach strawberry cookie with goat cheese frosting. We were able to taste a few and they were all delicious. Mom tasted the cinnamon chocolate with a mint middle and was amazed. The flavor truly stayed with her through the whole tour. It was so good! Each of the boys had a different favorite (Audrey, Virginia, Penelope), and we can’t wait to taste some others.  You can read about all the flavors at

There are so many cookies to choose from!
The cookies are beautiful. We love the descriptions, too!
Behind the scenes of the cookie counter.
We were given a box with four cookies to try for reviewing RubySnap.
Dad loved the lemon blueberry one called Zoey. It was a lot like a scone.
Our boys each had a favorite cookie, so in the end all of the cookies were a winner.
These are the four cookies we tried. Penelope in the front (peanut butter), clockwise is Zoey (lemon blueberry), Virginia (ginger snap), and Audrey (almond, cranberry, white chocolate).

The cookies are $2.50 a piece, but they are quite large. It is definitely a special treat. You can order cookies online and then hop over and pick them up in the store. Each cookie is baked that day. They never sell day old cookies. In fact, the give leftover cookies away. We love that they give the cookies that they don’t sell to local charities. So at the end of each day are boxed up and taken to local spots that have requested cookies. We love local companies who give back. And we also love that our cookies will be fresh every day we visit RubySnap.

The cookies that don’t sell are boxed up and labeled for the local charities who have requested them.

RubySnap cookies frozen dough are also available at Harmons. We can’t wait to buy some dough and see if it’s as good as the shop. We will keep you posted.

If you are looking to try an amazing local bakery, plan a trip to RubySnap. You won’t be disappointed.

This is a great Salt Lake stop!

**We received some free cookies and this free tour for our honest review of the RubySnap cookies.




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