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Clas Ropes runs the Provo Christmas cruise, and they actually pull you along in the boat using overhead ropes, which is kind of fun. The Provo River Christmas Cruise takes you on a short section of the river. There are lights along the river and sometimes all the way across. They pull you one way, and then back the other way while Christmas music plays in the background.

We arrived around 6:20, and all of the boats were full until 7:00. The boats run every 15-20 minutes, but luckily they had a movie playing that entertained our children. We recommend buying tickets online now that they have that option. It was a warm night, but we were still layered up in snow clothes. Make sure to dress for cool weather, and bring blankets on extra cold nights.

This is the ticket office for check-in, and also the hot chocolate location!
They were showing a Christmas movie that I had never seen before.

As you head down to the dock, there are lights lighting the path. Children under 12 are required to wear a life jacket, which they provide for the kids, so you will stop and put life jackets on the little ones. Once everyone is on board, the cruise director will start pulling the boat down the river. It is so interesting that they pull the boat using ropes instead of rowing or some other means.

There are lots of cute decorations and lights around the grounds.
The lights along the way to the dock get everyone excited.

We had a great cruise director who had us share traditions, and told us the history of Clas Ropes. We also had a quiet moment of reflection as we cruised past the Nativity. The highlight of the trip was when Santa rowed up in a canoe. He high-fived all the kids and left his hat which was full of candy. Our boys were excited to see Santa for the first time this season.

The lights are stunning as they reflect upon the water.
We also love that you cruise right under the lights.
The director pulls the boat through the river.
Santa rowed up in a small row boat.
The Nativity scene on the river bank.

My boys enjoyed the ride. It was their first time on a boat and so that was exciting to them. The ride takes about 20 minutes and check their website for current pricing. It was definitely a different and fun way to see the lights and Santa. We had a great time on the Provo River Christmas Cruise.

In October, there is a Halloween Cruise and they put jack ‘o’ lanterns all along the river and tell spooky stories. We enjoy this cruise, too!

Check out their website for more info: Clas Ropes Christmas Cruise.

We really enjoyed the Christmas Cruise.

Tips for Families

  • Dress warm. Boots, hats, scarves, gloves, and layers.
  • Buy tickets online beforehand. This way you are guaranteed a spot on the boat when you want to go. We are glad they have added the online option since we last went.
  • Bring hot chocolate. We stopped and grabbed hot chocolate at the gas station on the way to the Provo River Cruise, But if you forget, bring a few dollars to buy some at Clas Ropes while you’re waiting. It will keep you warm.
All bundled up and had a wonderful time on the Christmas Cruise.


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