Clas Ropes Halloween Cruise

Clas Ropes in Provo has a ton of fun things to offer. They have a ropes course that runs year round, and a Christmas Cruise along the Provo River that we have enjoyed many times. This year we were able to check out the Clas Ropes Halloween Cruise.

We love the lights reflecting on the water as you float the Provo River.

The Halloween Cruise is similar to the Christmas Cruise in that you are pulled on your boat up and down the Provo River. Instead of Christmas lights, the river is decorated with Halloween decorations and lots of carved pumpkins. The pumpkins look beautiful as they reflect on the water. They hand carve each pumpkin, and they have to carve them each week, so they go through a lot of pumpkins each year.

This cruise is unique in that the captain pulls you up and down the river.
The jack-o-lanterns look beautiful reflecting in the river water.
See how the one of the right is carved upside down? But the reflection is right side up!

The highlight of the boat ride is the pirate attack. Our boys thought it was so fun that the pirate tried to spook us, but they really enjoyed the corny jokes the pirate told as she rowed toward our boat. Luckily, she didn’t steal any valuables, and passed out some Halloween candy.

Here comes the pirate!
She definitely scared us with her cheesy jokes!
The kids were happy for candy from the pirate!

For the last part of the cruise, your boat captain will share the story of The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, or the classic poem about the Cremation of Sam McGee. We enjoyed our story as we glided along the Provo River.

We had a great boat captain. He had lots of great info to share and answered all our questions.

We went earlier in the evening, but this cruise might be better later so that it’s dark. The lights would really sparkle on the water that way. But the pirate attack might be a little spookier for little ones. You can watch our video to see what it’s like.

While you wait for your cruise to start, there is a Halloween movie playing. You can also wander around and enjoy some of their Halloween decorations. There are also concessions available for purchase on most evenings.

The whole area is decorated for Halloween.
Keep an eye out for all the ghosts around Clas Ropes.
We laughed pretty heartily at this!

The cruise is simple, but fun. Our boys enjoyed looking at each of the jack-o-lanterns and the pirate attack. If you are looking for a non-scary Halloween adventure, you will enjoy the Clas Ropes Halloween Cruise.

Tips for Families

  • Tickets are $10 on weekdays and $12 on weekends. Kids 2 and under are $2.
  • Dress for the weather. Take coats or blankets to stay warm on your boat ride.
  • Plan to arrive a few minute early to get tickets, and to enjoy a little of the movie they are showing.
  • The cruise is appropriate for all ages. Rides depart every 15 minutes.
  • Dates for 2023: September 29th – October 31, 2023

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