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This was a nice fall stroll!
Temple Quarry Hike

We have hiked all over Utah and found some more favorite hikes. Here are 7 more hikes to add to that Our Favorite Hikes list we did a few years ago.
We do have one request, though. If you know of an appropriate hike for our kids (under 5 miles as they’re pretty small), please leave us a comment so we can check it out and add it to our Hiking tab. Thanks!
Click on the link to read our complete review including directions and pictures:
Donut Falls: This 1.5 mile (round trip) hike is located up Big Cottonwood Canyon. It’s an easy hike to a waterfall that is admittedly less impressive than it was before the rocks shifted. Still, this is a very popular hike close to Salt Lake City that is easy for kids of any age.
Cecret Lake: This hike is for a little more adventurous hikers. Located at the top of Little Cottonwood Canyon, the Cecret Lake hike winds through beautiful mountain meadows and ends at a gorgeous lake. The hike is rocky and steeper than many of our simpler hikes, but we saw a lot of wildlife, and enjoyed the hike along the way as much as the destination. 
Cascade Springs: Cascade Springs is a short boardwalk (mostly) over an aquatic spring in which you can see fish and other animals. Even the youngest hiker can enjoy this walk, though keep them close as there is no railing. This hike is located at the top of American Fork Canyon.
Bridal Veil Falls: In Provo Canyon, a short walk takes you to Bridal Veil Falls. Completely stroller or wheelchair accessible, you can feed the fish for a quarter or play in the pool at the bottom of the falls. This waterfall is considered one of the most spectacular in the western United States!
Temple Quarry Walk: The short walk around the Temple Quarry has interpretive signs that help you understand information about how the Pioneers built the Salt Lake Temple. More of an outdoor museum than a hike, this walk is at the mouth of Little Cottonwood Canyon.
Lisa Falls: We like this hike because it is very short and leads to a unique waterfall with the water flowing sideways down the rock. Make a double adventure out of this one by pairing it with the Temple Quarry.
Red Fleet State Park: You have to be in the Uintah Basin to do this one, but it must be included as one of our favorites! The destination is a large (100′ x 100′?) slab of sandstone with over 200 dinosaur tracks. The hike winds through a beautiful desert area. This hike is located just north of Vernal.

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  1. Loves To Hike

    If you ever get down by Goblin Valley, Little Wildhorse Canyon is a fantastic slot canyon hike that is excellent for kids – you can take an 8 mile loop around and come out Bell’s canyon, or turn around when you get out of the slots and go back the way you came. Just check for flash flood warnings at the Goblin Valley visitor’s center first . Another one near that area that is a little longer and has a few fun drop-offs is called Crack Canyon.

  2. Angee

    This is a great like. I would add Fehr Lake in the Uintas, and Scout Falls up America Fork canyon (Timpooneke trailhead).