Narada Falls | Mount Rainier

Narada Falls is a beautiful waterfall located in Mount Rainier National Park. Best of all, it is only one-tenth of a mile to the waterfall, which makes it less than a quarter of a mile roundtrip.

Narada Falls in Mount Rainier is a must-do stop!

The trail to Narada Falls is found in the south part of the park near the Paradise Area. Though the brink of the waterfall is visible from the road, it worth the easy hike to an amazing overlook near the base of the falls. The parking area is large and well-marked, and since the cars move in and out pretty fast, you can easily find a spot.

Follow the paved bridge across the top of the waterfall to the trail. The trail runs downhill and is fairly steep, so be careful. The trail is easy to follow, but there are rocks in the trail and a few steps near the viewing area.

This is the view of Narada Falls from the parking area.
Walk across the bridge to get to the trailhead.
Head downhill to see Narada Falls.

The waterfall runs almost right under the road, so the trail curves around to the right and drops to the base of the falls. Narada Falls is a really beautiful cascade. It is a wide, slanting curtain that has two separate tiers. The top step falls about 20 feet and is visible from the parking area. Then the water flows down in a wide horsetail for another 160 feet right in front of you when you hike to the base. It is one of the prettiest waterfalls that we have seen.

The trail is steep and rocky, but very short.
The waterfall comes in to view very quickly.
Since it’s a busy spot, someone can take your photo for you.

The viewpoint area is small, so you may have to wait to take a photo. From the viewpoint, you can stand right in front of the falls and take your very own postcard photograph! After admiring the waterfall, head back up the trail for a quick, steep climb back to your car.

Heading back up the trail after viewing Narada Falls.

Make sure to stop at Narada Falls in Mount Rainier National Park. It was a highlight of our trip to Washington! Check out our post on Mount Rainier for other great stops in this national park.

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