Adam’s Falls in Rocky Mountain National Park

Adam’s Falls was raging in the springtime.

Adam’s Falls is a short hike located within the boundaries of Rocky Mountain National Park. However, because the road leading to this waterfall runs through a small town outside the park, you can access the hike without any fee. This is done by driving to the town of Grand Lake at the west entrance to the park. From the highway, follow West Portal Road to the East Inlet Trailhead. There is a well-marked parking lot, and the waterfall is just .6 miles away, making this hike a little over a mile roundtrip.

This sign marks the beginning of the trailhead.

The trail to Adam’s Falls is easy to follow, but it is a bit dusty and rocky. There are plenty of people, and we saw a young couple with a stroller, but they didn’t make it very far before returning the stroller to the car. The trail starts off crossing a small bridge and then climbs steadily, but not steeply. As you approach the waterfall, you can hear it roaring, and the trail splits. From there, the right hand fork takes you about 50 yards to the waterfall.

The trail begins flat and easy. It wanders through the trees.
We enjoyed this short trail to Adam’s Falls.
The trail begins to climb. It’s not steep, but it is definitely steady.

There is a short retaining wall to protect little ones above the falls, but you can easily walk around it, so you need to keep an eye on the kids. When we were at Adam’s Falls in the Spring, it was really roaring with record runoff. Still, this is more of a cascade than an actual waterfall, and it is a bit difficult to capture in a picture. If you find yourself at Rocky Mountain National Park, be sure to check out Adam’s Falls. You can see our other recommended hikes at this park by clicking here.

The waterfall is huge.
There is a large viewing area where you can see the raging waterfall from all angles.
Adam’s Fall is more of a chute, but it is still worth the short walk.
Adam’s Falls is a beautiful spot in Rocky Mountain National Park.


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