Keys View | Joshua Tree

Keys View isn’t really a hike, but more of an overlook. It lies at the end of the road in Joshua Tree National Park. It is a good idea to get to this trailhead first as the road is closed during busy times, with a ranger denying access if the traffic is too heavy. RVs are never allowed on this narrow winding road as most wouldn’t make the turnaround at the end.

When you arrive at the small parking lot, there is a tall hill to the left. This is the overlook for Keys View in Joshua Tree. Though the hike is very short at less than a quarter mile, the trail climbs steeply to the overlook. It’s basically straight up to the overlook. Then you wind back down to the parking lot.

It’ s very easy, and wheels are definitely possible on this walk, although you’d be pushing up a fairly steep hill.

The Keys View Overlook is worth the stop if you can find parking because you can see from the top of the rise a long way in every direction. Back to the right, there are massive fields thick with spinning windmills. Directly ahead, you can see down across the valley of Palm Springs in the hazy distance. To the left, the mountains disappear across the border into Mexico, which lies about 100 miles to the south.

The views show Palm Springs.
In the morning it’s hard to see the mountains down in Mexico in this pic.
There are some nice rocks to sit on and enjoy the views.

Keys View in Joshua Tree National Park is entirely unique to anything else found in the park. For that reason, it is definitely worth the short climb. Also make sure to check out our post with all the Family-Friendly trails in Joshua Tree.

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