Meadow Hot Springs

Meadow Hot Springs

Meadow Hot Springs is located in Millard County just south of Fillmore. There are three springs located on private property, but the owner is good about letting people use them. Please use them responsibly by cleaning up after yourselves and following the rules listed on the gate to keep this area open.

The sign is very clear about the rules.

You can drive pretty close to the first spring. It’s a very short walk. Make sure you take a towel and swimsuit. Flip-flops or some other footwear is recommended since the ground can be muddy and rough. (We didn’t walk down to the other springs, so we don’t have information on them.)

The springs are beautiful: clear and deep and of a perfect temperature of around 100 degrees. There have been some rough improvements, meaning you can see cement on some of the edges. There were also around 20 people in the small pool when we arrived on President’s Day. There were even some people setting up a tent for camping. It seems that all hot springs are pretty busy these days.

The springs are very clear. Can you see this guys legs in the water?
Our boys were sad that we couldn’t get in, but they also had huge goosebumps all over their legs. It was cold outside, but the water felt nice!
It was a busy place! We enjoyed just putting our toes and fingers in and can’t wait to return.

We weren’t well prepared for this adventure as we were in the area for the lava tubes, Cove Fort, and Fremont Indian State Park, and heard about this on the fly, so we just dipped our toes, but this hot spring seems like a real winner.

To reach the hot springs, take the Meadow Exit on I-15. Turn south on Meadow Main Street and drive through town. After the last buildings at 1.5 miles from the freeway, take the first right on to a dirt road (there is no sign, but it’s a few blocks outside of city limits). Drive down (west) this road, over the freeway. There are several turns, but make sure you continue west for 4.8 miles.

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