Little Chicks Classes at Tracy Aviary

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We were invited to attend the Little Chicks classes at Tracy Aviary this Fall, and we have loved every minute of it! The classes are so fun and educational; it’s simply amazing. We are excited to share all about the Little Chicks Classes.

The Little Chicks Classes run for 6 weeks. You can sign up for individual classes, or the whole 6 week block. They are divided into age groups (2-3 year olds, 3-4 year olds, and 4-5 year olds) and each age group is on a different day. Each class also includes admission into Tracy Aviary for you and your child, so we felt that the price of $20/class was worth it!

I was very impressed with the teachers of these classes. They are so kind and fun. The minute we walked into the classroom they greeted my four-year old and made him feel right at home. Throughout the class, they had great interactions with all of the students. They were well prepared, but they also adapted to interruptions well. At one of our classes, the trainer was helping with other birds, so he wasn’t able to bring in the bird at the appointed time. The teacher quickly adapted and sang a song with actions with the kids. My son is still singing that song. As a former educator, I noticed the little things about these cute teachers and how well prepared they were.

The teachers are amazing!

The classes are also well organized. Every morning when you come to class, there is a quiet activity ready for your child on the table. It is usually a coloring sheet of the bird you will be learning about that day. After everyone has arrived, there is a welcome song as you gather in “the nest,” which is the circle area.

There is a coloring page waiting for the students as they wait for everyone to arrive at class.
In the nest, children can choose which carpet square to sit on. Of course, our youngest chose S, b he loves snakes!
The welcome song has the children up and moving like birds!

Then the teachers will share a little bit about the bird you will be studying that day. They usually start by showing a feather and reading a book about today’s bird. My four year-old loved learning facts about the different birds. After the story, the most exciting part of class occurs when the bird arrives. On our first two trips, we were able to see a macaw and a vulture. It was so fun to get up close and personal with these amazing birds. In such a small setting, the children were able to see the birds very well as they flew or walked around. The teachers also gave more info as they were presenting the birds.

It’s fun that the books are about the birds we are learning about.
We loved touching the bird feathers.
We got really close to the Green-Winged Macaw! I promise he was excited about the birds despite the picture!
We loved this vulture that ran around everywhere and right next to where we were sitting.

After spending time with the bird, the children get the chance to do a movement activity where they act like the bird. When we learned about vultures, my son and his class gathered “food” like a vulture. When we learned about macaws, there was a small obstacle course for the children to learn how to walk like a macaw through the trees.

Can you spot the little gray fuzz balls? Those are the vulture’s “food” that the children are trying to gather.
As part of the obstacle course, the kids crawled through the chair tunnel. Of course, this was the best part!
They also loved hopping from branch to branch through the hula hoops like a macaw.

The final activity is a craft for the children to take home with them to remember these birds. This is where I loved watching the teachers interact with the children as they helped the kids make their crafts. They are helpful and constantly talking with the kids. They also provide a small snack for the children of juice and animal crackers.

They have a different craft for each class.
The macaw moves up and down the tree!
The kids all love snack time!
The kids painted with their feet for one of the classes. So fun!

Before the children leave, they gather the kids one more time in “the nest” and sing 5 Little Ducks. Then they send the students away with their crafts, an information page about the bird of the day, and a scavenger hunt. The scavenger hunts are always different. Sometimes they are designed to be done while exploring the aviary. Other times, they are best taken home.

These are the papers we went home with at the first class. Each week there are similar papers to help extend the children’s learning after class.

Both times we had classes, we spent time wandering through Tracy Aviary afterward. We love the aviary and all the fun activities that they have. Make sure to check out the bird show, as well as look for the different play areas for the children.

We love walking through the aviary. There are so many fun places to explore, and tons of amazing birds to see.
This is one of our kids’ favorite places to play. It’s little play house built from branches.
Sometimes you come across birds that are out for a walk. We love how interactive the Tracy Aviary is!

I highly recommend the Little Chicks Classes. The classes are amazing and fun. If your child loves animals or birds, or you think they should, send them to the Little Chicks Classes. You won’t be disappointed!

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