Lagoon Park: Tips For Visiting

Lagoon is an amusement park located in Davis County in Utah. We have enjoyed going to Lagoon since our kids were little because there is a lot to do for all ages. We love that they often add new exciting rides. After visiting many years in a row, we want to help you and your family have a great day. So, we are going to share all of our tips for visiting Lagoon!

We are always excited to go to Lagoon!!

Kiddie Land

There are probably at least 20 rides for the under 46″ crowd. In this section, located between the games section and the Tidal Wave there are 2 mini roller coasters, tons of boats, cars, airplanes, as well as mini versions of the rocket. We were stunned at how many rides there were for little ones, and we always have to drag our young children out after 5 hours in KiddieLand. Bonus: KiddieLand is very shady, which parents greatly appreciate while they watch their kids ride for hours on end.

The boats are fun because they are on real water.
Our kids loved that you could shoot the guns on these rockets.
They were huge fans of the airplanes.
Our 10 year old still loves some of the kiddie rides like this airplane one.

Big Rides

There are lots of “big rides” as we call them for teens and older kids. Some of our favorites are Colossus, Wicked, Spider, and Cannibal. The neat thing about Cannibal is that it was designed and built in house right here in Utah as a world class roller coaster. It is unique and awesome with corkscrew turns! It’s our favorite ride at Lagoon. There is a new ride in the works (2023) called Primordial and we can’t wait to check it out.

There are also a bunch of rides that probably fit between the big rides and kiddie land like Rattlesnake Rapids, bumper cars, Bombura, and the historic “White” Roller Coaster. For a full list of rides, use this link. I like this page on Lagoon’s site because you can sort the rides by height requirement.

This is Colossus–a pretty standard loop de loop roller coaster, and a fun ride!
This is Jet Star. An oldie, but a goodie.
Once our kids are tall enough, the bumper cars are a quick favorite!
Cannibal is one of our favorite roller coasters ever! It's intense and awesome all at the same time!
Cannibal is one of our favorite roller coasters ever! It’s intense and awesome all at the same time!
There are a lot of great roller coasters at Lagoon!

What Else is at Lagoon?

There are tons of carnival games that you will walk passed as you go back and forth between rides. We have participated in a few of these games, so if you are interested they are available.

We like to ride the sky tram across the park when our feet get a little bit tired. You can ride it as much as you want to go from one side of the park to the other.

This is a great way to get from one side of the park to the other and rest your feet.

Lagoon-A-Beach is a big part of Lagoon, too. This is a water park inside Lagoon. You can visit Lagoon a Beach as part of your trip to Lagoon, so no extra fees. It has different hours than the amusement part of the park, so make sure to check that out. You can rent a tube, or bring in your own.

There is also a magic show. It usually happens 2-3 times a day, so check the schedule when you arrive at the park. We love catching the show as a break from the roller coasters.

One of the things that we love about Lagoon is how much shade there is. Since this park has been around for awhile, there are lots of places to find shade while you wait in line or sit on a bench watching your kids ride the rides.

Everyone is happy at Lagoon!

Our Best Tips


Lagoon lets you bring in your own food and drink which makes going to Lagoon very family friendly. We took in lots of snacks and water and the kids were very happy. This saves a lot of money, too. There are plenty of concession stands throughout the park if you’d like to buy something to eat, but you can also get a stamp and go eat off the property, and then return later. We love having ice water that we brought in to enjoy throughout the days.

Since we bring in our own food and drinks, sometimes we splurge on a treat or two.


The big roller coasters have free lockers (for 30 minutes) that you can put a backpack in while you ride. Mom likes to wear a belt bag/fanny pack. She can wear this on all the rides, and she can keep her phone, keys, and sunglasses inside on the big rides. It has been the best! Dad likes to wear shorts with zipper pockets to keep everything inside.

Kids Under 2

Children that are small (2 and under) don’t need to pay the entrance fee for Lagoon. If you want to take your infant on the train or another small ride you can purchase tickets (2/$1) for them. Each ride in KiddieLand has a certain number of tickets listed for babies. Make sure you purchase those tickets when you come in at the gate, otherwise you’ll be heading back there when you realize your one year-old wants to ride the train.

Arrive at Opening (or before)

We like to arrive at Lagoon about 15 minutes before opening. Then we can get a close parking spot, put on sunscreen, and be at the gate right as they start letting people in. Then head to the busiest rides first while there are fewer people in the park (Cannibal, Wicked, Samurai, etc).

Enjoying rides with no line early in the morning!

Save with the Get Out Pass

We use the Get Out Pass for our annual trip to Lagoon. The Get Out Pass is a pass that works all over Utah. There are over 100+ venues and Lagoon is one of them. Lagoon tickets costs $97, and the Get Out Pass is just a little bit more than that. So we get an admission to Lagoon on the pass, plus a bunch of other fun places like Splash Summit, SeaQuest, Solitude Scenic Ride, Fat Cats, and more. Our code “adventure” will save you a bunch on the pass. Read more here! It really is a great deal if you are planning a trip to Lagoon.

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  1. ad65shorty

    Oh, my gosh! Us, too! We went for the first time this month, as well. We didn’t realize how little kid friendly it was either. There was soo much for all our kids (both little and big) to do! It was like Disneyland without the characters and for a fraction of the cost!