SeaQuest Interactive Aquarium: Tips for Families

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We made our first trip to SeaQuest Interactive Aquarium right after it opened, and our kids loved it! They got right up close with the animals, and were able to feed and touch them. It was amazing! In this post, we offer our tips for families, including how many tokens to buy and what to spend them on. So here are our general tips for visiting the aquarium:

  • Buy tokens. As you enter, you’ll be asked if you want to buy tokens. You do! Our recommendation is to buy 11 tokens for $22 (11-20 tokens cost $2 each. They are $2.25 each for 10 or fewer). You will definitely want to have a few visits with animals, and if you don’t use all your tokens, they are good on your next visit.
  • If you want to keep it cheap, you can get by on 5-10 tokens for a family of 5 by following the outline in the bullet points below.
    • Iguanas: 1 token for the group buys lettuce for everyone. Break the leaves into smaller pieces. The lizards are pretty quiet, but their eyes light up when they see that leaf! All of our boys enjoyed this encounter.

      Our boys thought feeding the iguanas was the best thing ever!
    • Parakeets or Lorikeets: Choose 1 bird cage to visit. Then use 1 token for every two people in your group. You get to spend less time with the lorikeets because they eat faster and there are fewer birds, but the line is much shorter.

      The lorikeets are very colorful, and we love watching them slurp the nectar with their tongues.
    • Trout: Buy one token worth of the pebbles and there should be enough for everyone.¬†Make sure you do not skip the trout, because they are the most rambunctious of the animals. Then have your camera ready for the splash!

      The trout seriously jump and splash out of the water for the food. It is hilarious. To watch a video of them, click here.
    • Rays: There are probably 8 krill in one container. If you have a small group, one container is enough. It is fun to have the rays slurp the krill out of your hand, though they have a little trouble seeing the food as the eyes are on top of their heads.

      The rays are fun to feed because they can’t see where the food is, and they don’t have teeth. They have to slurp the krill.
    • Sharks: Each container has 2 fish in it. This was the least exciting adventure because even after 15 minutes, they sharks didn’t seem interested in the food. We didn’t get much action from the sharks, so leave us a comment if you do! This would be our recommendation for the animal feeding to skip.
The animals inside the cages are amazing to look at, too, even if you don’t feed them!

Here are a few additional tips you won’t want to miss for your first trip to the aquarium:

  • Go to the bathroom before you head into the aquarium. The bathrooms are located right next to the aquarium, but once you are inside you have to weave all the way back through the aquarium to return to the bathrooms. So make everyone go before you start your experience.
  • Wear short sleeves. We have learned from past experience to avoid long sleeves when we will be sticking our arms in the water a lot. Believe us, short sleeves are much easier, and the aquarium is plenty warm.
  • Leave your coats in the car. We all stripped our coats off within 2 minutes of being in the aquarium. Then Mom was sick of holding them after 3 minutes, so Dad made a run to the car before we got too far into the aquarium. We recommend entering the aquarium with as little as possible since you will want to be mostly hands free for all the interactive experiences.
  • Ask questions. We weren’t sure about feeding or touching animals, and sometimes there weren’t very clear signs, so we asked a lot of questions. Everyone was very nice and helpful, and we definitely did more activities because we asked what we were allowed to do.

Be sure to read our full review of the SeaQuest Interactive Aquarium.

SeaQuest Interactive Aquarium really is a wonderful, hands-on adventure.

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