Hike the Bountiful B

Hike the B

The Bountiful B is right behind a neighborhood on the east bench in Bountiful. You can drive very close to the bottom of the B and park at the Bonneville Shoreline Trail parking lot. From there, it is a short walk up to the B.

Hike the B
This is the edge of the parking lot. It’s not very far to the B at all! You can just see the side of the B on the left side of the hill in this photograph. You can also see the trail in the dirt that leads to the top of the B.

It’s a free scramble up to the B. Our boys enjoyed climbing right up on the concrete, but be careful as it is pretty slick. Of course they had to go all the way to the top of the B. If you decide to do this, you can walk down an ATV trail that comes from the top of the B, instead of trying to slide back down the slippery concrete and rocks.

Be careful if you climb up the B. The rocks are slippery.
Our boys enjoyed climbing to the top of the B. You can also climb up next to the B if you want to avoid the slippery concrete.
Our boys hiked down this trail on their way back from the top of the B. It’s a little easier than sliding down concrete and rocks!


The B is pretty cool as letters go, because it is big and bold. The Viewmont V, which is just around the hill seems a bit scrawny in comparison (Sorry Vikings! I’m sure you have a great school!)

The B is impressive!!
The view is beautiful too!
And the Bountiful temple is just around the bend.


To access the B take the exit 317 (400 N) off the 1-15 in Bountiful and head east up the hill. Make sure to stay right on 400 N about halfway up the hill and don’t turn left onto 400 E. Once you have climbed almost all the way up on 400 N, turn left onto 1300 E. Follow this road all the way around and up as it turns into Skyline Drive. Take a right onto Eagle Ridge Drive. This road will dead end in a dirt parking lot. Park here and walk a short ways back on the dirt road to the B.

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  1. Heather B

    You should have visited us while you were in Bountiful! Ethan took the kids up there two weeks ago so you just missed each other.