Hike the Viewmont V


Hike the V

We are on a letter-quest here at Utah Family Adventures, and the latest letter we collected was the Viewmont Highschool V in Centerville. To call this one a hike is a bit of a stretch. It is more of a drive to the bottom and a walk up to the concrete V.

It’s not a far walk, but those rocks can still be slippery, so be careful.
The V is concrete like the B!
The view is usually pretty good from these letter hikes.
You can see the V from the freeway.
Our boys have to climb to the top of the letters! See them standing way up there on each side of the V?


You can access the V via bumpy dirt road. You have to drive up toward the rifle range in Centerville. The V is right at the parking lot, and you can easily make the short walk to the bottom. Here are the directions to the V: Take exit 319 in Centerville from the 1-15 and head east on 400 N (Parrish Lane). Go right (south) on 400 E and then left (east) on 100 S. Follow 100 S until it becomes a dirt road. Once you are on the dirt road follow around a curve and then go right at the first intersection. You will head left at the next fork, and then left again where you head north instead of south like you had been. You follow this road around and your next turn is on the road that says rifle range. Don’t turn right into the big open area where ATVs are playing. Go past this, and then turn right. This road will take you to the base of the V. Check out the screen shot below from Google maps. The V is red in the bottom corner, and you will start at the top of the picture where the road connects to the dirt road in a clump of trees.

Screen Shot 2015-03-28 at 8.38.05 AM

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