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We have used Franklin Sports products for a long time in soccer and baseball because they are well-known for their sports equipment. But we had no idea that they also create outdoor family games. Franklin Sports sent us a few different family games to try out, and they were a huge hit with our kids.

We enjoy family games so much.

Cliff Hanger

This game was our favorite. It’s a bean bag toss game, but with a twist. You divide into two teams and take turns tossing the bean bags. The board has little “cliffs” that you try to land the bean bags on, and if you land one hanging off the edge, you earn extra points. The twist is, you can land your bean bag on the other team’s bean bag and steal their points!

It’s trickier than you think to keep those points.

We loved that kids of all ages can play this game. We had a three year old that laughed and tossed bean bags for over an hour. We also like that Cliff Hanger comes with a bag, so it travels pretty easily to the beach, camping, or family reunions. This game is great for families with many ages because everyone can enjoy. More information about this game here.

We have played this game so many times!
Cliff Hanger was a favorite for our family.

Spyder Pong

Spyder Pong is a twist on Ping Pong and volleyball. This game can be played indoors or outdoors, and there are two different ways to play. First, you can use the included paddles and the small bouncy ball to play ping pong. The trick is that this game is made with a net for the surface, not a table, so the ball bounces in a different way.

The other variation is with a mini volleyball. You play like volleyball, except the ball is allowed to bounce on your side before you play it off table. Our family enjoyed playing both inside and outside, and with both variations. The ping pong version was a little easier for our younger boys, so we seemed to play this game more.

Volleyball style Spyder Pong
Ping Pong style Spyder Pong

Spyder Pong is easy to assemble and mostly easy to disassemble and move. Some of the pieces fit in real snug, so use those muscles to take it down. We wished we had this game for our trip to Bear Lake because it would be great to take to the beach. We love that it fits in our house, since we don’t have room for a larger ping pong table, but we set it up in our family room one night and played. Then we put it away. And we do wish we had a bag to store everything in, but I guess we will have to make one for easier access. Check out Spyder Pong on the Franklin Sports Games site.

Our boys helped set up the games.
We have played quite a few times inside, too.

Disc Golf

Our boys are starting to get interested in Disc Golf, so this game was perfect for practicing in the backyard. If you’re not familiar with the game, there are three discs in this set: A driver, a short range disc, and a putter. The set also includes one goal basket (or “hole” in golf terminology).

This is the set that Franklin Sports sells with 3 discs.

Since there is only one goal in the set, we’ve spent a lot of time practicing. We’ve also played a round by taken turns placing the basket. This means that one person will take the basket down across the park to a destination, often around a tree or over a playground, and then we’ll play that hole. Then another player will have a turn setting the basket. Of course, with our family playing we don’t let them take the goal too far away! With this game, everything fits into a nice travel bag, so we easily take it to the park to play. Read more about Franklin Sports version of Disc Golf here.

We have practiced a lot in the backyard.

There are other Franklin Sports Family Games available, too. You can check them out on the Franklin Sports website.

**Franklin Sports sent us these games to try and review. The opinions are our own. This post contains affiliate links where if you make a purchase using one of these links, we earn a small commission fee.

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